Video content is a powerful tool that can drive great results in each stage of the buyer's journey.


Getting a new lead is not an easy thing. Once you have them in the palm of your hand, you’d better take care of them! You have to act urgently and nurture them with valuable content to guide them through the sales funnel. Providing them with attractive and useful video content can be a great move. How can you get the most out of this instance? Get all the answers you need!


Lead Nurturing: How Can Video Marketing Help You?

So, once you get your leads, you have to offer them a good “excuse” to stay by your side. Content Marketing is an effective tool to do that. And, in this context, video content specifically is even more powerful, compelling, attractive and engaging than any other type of marketing content (if you don't believe me, go over these amazing stats about video marketing).

When thinking about taking care of your leads, retaining them and building loyalty, you can resort to a wide range of content. But please remember this: offer them the right information, at the right time, and in the right format, depending on their needs and the content they have previously accessed.

Of course, this also applies for video marketing: make sure you choose the right type of video for each case. And what types of videos are the most effective for lead nurturing? Keep on reading...

video the greatest marketing tool

4 Excellent Video Types To Nurture Your Leads

As we said, you can choose from a wide range of video types, from any of the stages of the buyer's journey. But we want to make things easier for you and that's why we've picked out the best 4. Ta-dah…!

#1. Explainer videos

This one is a must in any inbound marketing strategy. And when it comes to nurturing your leads, even more so. Animated marketing videos explain in just a few seconds what you do, how you do it and why your product is the best choice among all the options in the market. But what’s better, it does this through amazing visuals and animations, which makes the content even more appealing, attractive and memorable. Here you have a good example of what an animated marketing video looks like:

embed example

#2. Educational videos

Video content that aims at educating, teaching or training your leads in a specific topic is also a good alternative. This type of video will help you stand out from your competition as a thought leader and a reference in your niche. And believe me: you will be gaining several “points” with your leads, as you're providing them with a solution to their specific problem/pain point! Watch this example of an educational video. It talks about a common doubt among marketers and entrepreneurs.

#3. About Us videos

Why not use a video that shows how you work, what you do, or who the faces are behind your company? This will help a lot to transmit confidence and show the “behind the scenesto your leads (who are, by the way, waiting for more information to “place their bet” on you). About us videos are a great format to be combined with an emotional approach: when developing your script, try to aim at generating some deep emotions within your audience. This will set up a strong bond between them and your brand/product.

#4. Testimonials

People trust a lot in what other people say. So testimonials stand out as a great way to help persuade your leads to take the next step. You can present them as case studies, success stories, or any other format. The most important thing is to be compelling, credible and authentic. These tips on how to create an awesome testimonial video might help!

Check out this example of a testimonial video. It clearly defines the pain points the client had and how Yum Yum helped them.

embed example testimonial

Now you have a better understanding on the best video formats you can use for lead nurturing! Is there any other type of video content that has been effective in your case? Share your comments with our community!

Finally, why not go over these simple tips to drive leads directly from your video? ;)

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