If you are thinking of boosting your online presence with an explainer video, you must be wondering how to make the best of it for maximum impact.

A lot has been said about videos having great ROI, but how do you actually achieve a killer explainer video that will help you with this? Read on to find out!


explainer video step by step

#1. Choose the Right Explainer Video Style

Besides budget considerations, each business can profit best from a different explainer video style. Think about your product or service’s traits, your target audience and what it is specifically that you want to communicate with your video to make the best choice.

Each technique has its own qualities and strengths, so be sure to put them to good use! Some include:

  • Whiteboard animation: These are the most didactic types of explainer videos as the animation is literally being drawn onscreen while the voiceover explains the key concepts. Super explanatory!
  • Cartoon style: The most popular explainer video style, it portrays your buyer persona as the main character of your video. This character will have a problem and will find a solution: your product or service!
  • Motion graphics: For super pro visuals and explaining hard concepts, motion graphics can be the best choice. Tech industries use them a lot! You can also combine motion graphics with other techniques for a super distinctive approach.
  • Screencast videos: They consist basically of capturing something onscreen and showing it along with an explanation. They are wonderful for displaying the attributes of your product or service if it lives online.

See for yourself what each style looks like!

#2. Get Inspired With Your Star Content

If something worked with your audience, why not amplify it and make it better? Track and analyze what topics or posts had the most engagement and use these as pointers for your explainer video.

Remember: everything starts with an awesome script! It is the backbone of your explainer video, it defines its structure and enables you to be compelling with your storytelling. With valuable insights from your audience, you can make it much better and ensure a better ROI from your efforts.

See how engaging a killer script can be in Docusign's explainer video:


Yummy Tip: If you want to learn more about writing a killer explainer video script, please feel free to download our guide How to Write a Script in Just 5 Steps.

#3. Don’t Forget Branding!

Another cool aspect of explainer videos is that they enable you to brand your content from minute zero to the very end. You don’t need to incorporate tacky huge logos to do this: it’s the details that count! Your brand’s color palette, character and scenario design, transitions, the voiceover’s personality and even the music can account for your brand.

This exposure to your brand’s personality will last the full length of your explainer video, enhancing remembrance of what’s already a highly memorable asset: 80% of customers state they remember a video they’ve watched in the last month!

Could you easily forget these cute pathogens?

These are just some of the ways you can ensure your explainer video will have the ROI you are expecting (and maybe even more!): with an engaging explainer video you will not only capture your viewer’s hearts, but you will also ensure more organic reach because people share the videos they love!

If you are keen on knowing even more about the fascinating world of explainer videos, visit our yummy blog, packed with awesome and free goodies for you to learn how they can help you reach your marketing goals. Have fun!


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