As video content is booming, three of the main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) are already offering autoplay as a feature.

But in order to get the most out of this, you really need to make some optimizations to your video. Join us and learn some tips to take full advantage of this huge opportunity to connect with your audience!


Autoplay As A Key Feature

Just to clarify, the Autoplay feature implies that, when users scroll down through their feeds, your video plays automatically as it passes over their screen. This is highly important, as it encourages users to watch your video (it´s already playing and it works as a strong teaser).

The thing is that, as we were saying, you have to optimize your video with this key feature in mind if you want to take full advantage of it for your video marketing strategy. See below and find some “tweaks” you can do in your video to adapt to this new possibility.

Tips To Enhance Your Video For Autoplay

#1: Add subtitles

Most of the Autoplay videos have no sound (unless users activate it specifically, of course). But there's another surprising stat: 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. That's why it's SO important that you add subtitles when optimizing a video for social media! This way, you'll be helping your audience understand what's being shown on screen without needing to turn the sound on. Rest assured, if your audience is interested in what they are watching, they will turn the audio on. And hey, if you can make your video compelling without even needing to turn the audio on, this is highly valuable on its own, as you'll be one step further than your competition already!  

#2: Make it short

Remember that you need to deliver a persuasive and clear message without taking too much time from your target audience. As Internet users, they are constantly bombarded with lots of content, so they just want to consume quick and valuable information. Hence, focus on making a short and compelling video that can deliver the message you want in just a couple of minutes, or even better, just a few seconds in the autoplay feature case. The ideal length varies per platform, but consider that 2 minutes is the maximum time people should spend on a social media video. Animated Explainer Videos can be a good choice in this instance.


#3: Grab your audience's attention very quickly

Do you remember that our attention span has decreased to 8.25 seconds on average?

You really need to grab your audience's attention within the first 3 or 4 seconds of your video. Well, when scrolling down their social media feed, this span is surely shorter. This forces you to be concise and compelling (like we were saying in bullet #2) BUT from the very beginning. Movement, the election of colors and a strong character are some tactics that will help a lot.

#4: Target desktop users

Considering that many times mobile users tend to turn off Autoplay to avoid unwanted data charges, it´s always a good idea to target longer video campaigns to desktop users, as they might be more willing to consume this type of longer content. Afterwards, you can analyze if your videos on autoplay are increasing your views and engagement rates overall, specifically by assessing desktop users.

Hope this information helps! Finally, we share with you some tips for optimizing your videos for Facebook and for getting the most out of Instagram for your video campaigns.  

And hey! How about you? Are you already using the Autoplay feature for your video marketing strategy on social media? We'd love to get your feedback!

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