If you mix the reach and impact a huge social network like Facebook has, and the engaging and compelling power video content offers, the results can be quite attractive.

Today's the perfect moment to get the most out of your videos by optimizing them for SEO and posting them on the #1 social network on Earth.


But, as any network you are going to dive into, Facebook has its own quality standards and optimization guidelines that you should know to really take advantage of it. Let’s go over some useful tips:

HD Videos Are a Must

People are used to high quality content, visually speaking. Video is not the exception, quite the contrary, is the rule. You have to provide them with a GREAT visual experience and meet their expectations of quality to make that touch point be worth it.

That doesn't necessary imply that you have to create your videos in 5K (remember that the more quality they have, the larger in size they´ll be). Piece of advice: consider shooting at an HD quality with an aspect ratio no bigger than 1280px wide and a frame rate of 30fps or less.

Tip: although you can have your video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other site, it's always a good idea to upload a specific version of it directly onto Facebook. This is mainly for two reasons: Facebook’s video feature has an autoplay response as people scroll over or pass it, and Facebook's algorithm also tends to favor their own videos (versus YouTube videos, for instance, which is, by the way, its biggest competitor videowise).


Consider the Length

Regarding video length, we could say that the shorter the better. Have in mind that people´s attention and engagement will probably decrease little by little as the video moves forward. In this fast paced environment, thinking about a 10-minute video would be nonsense! Everyone is looking for interesting and quick content, most of all. So, as a suggestion, try to keep your videos between 30 seconds and 5 minutes in length but, of course, make sure you're delivering the message you want.

Viral videos, short trailers, animated explainer videos and video-tips are good examples of the kind of video content you could use.

Make Them Compelling

Did you know that our attention span has decreased to 8.25 seconds on average? That means you have to get the most out of that  first 8 seconds to grab your audience's attention, and also give them a good reason to stay focused and remember something about your content. Recommendation: take great effort in creating a catchy headline, a highly engaging beginning and a top Call To Action. Watch this awesome example:

Work on an Appealing Video Headline, Beginning and End

Use the title of the video to provide a clear idea on what the content is about. Also work on a good description that summarizes the content and why you're sharing it with them, in addition to including any relevant links and complementary information that might be helpful. In both elements -title and description- make sure you add relevant keywords for the time users make a specific search.

Regarding the beginning, create an engaging intro that captures your viewer's attention immediately. Saying something about a concern they might have or asking a specific question work as great resources.

As the video moves forward, take advantage of the last few seconds to include a compelling Call To Action that leads your viewers in the direction you want. Remember that, at the end of the video, Facebook also lets you include specific links to your website, landing page, blog or any other channel that you want to promote.

Choose the Right Thumbnail

An attractive thumbnail is generally used to encourage your audience to click on the play button. Just like on YouTube, on Facebook you also want your viewers to feel instantly encouraged to watch your video, more so when they are browsing your timeline. Customize your thumbnail! Make sure it represents the spirit of your video, but at the same time it's noteworthy and persuasive. For example Honest Trailers have great custom thumbnails for their videos.


Sort it in the Right Category

Facebook gives you the possibility to categorize the videos you upload. You can choose from different categories such as Business, Entertainment, Family, and Food & Health, among many others. Although the category does not appear in the video and it's not visible for your audience, it's a good way of keeping your videos organized. But, and most importantly, it is a good way to tell Facebook’s algorithm what kind of content it is, so it can better understand what kind of users it may interest.  

Facebook stands out as a great platform to use to boost your brand awareness. Take advantage of it by providing your audience with quality and well-optimized video content!

Just like Facebook, YouTube is another amazing social network you can make use of to spread your voice. Read this blog post and learn how to optimize your YouTube videos!

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