Animated_explainer_video_metrics_and_analytics_TriggermailOptimizing your site is essential to get your website found and seen. There are many things you can do to “freshen up” your site and make it more attractive to Google. Let´s review some of them and analyze how they can help you get better marketing results.  


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First thing you really need to do is to identify the strategic words / phrases that will drive targeted traffic to your site. A good start is by brainstorming which keywords or phrases best fit your product / business. A useful tool you can resort to is Google Adwords Keywords Tool. In case you find that some keywords have  strong competition in your niche, you can think about using long-tail keywords (these are keyword phrases that have between two and five words). This way you will rank higher, as the longer the keyword is, the less competition you´ll have in search engines for that niche specifically. Remember to include these keywords in page titles, meta descriptions, headers, sub headers, body paragraphs and image Alt tags. 


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If you want to have a powerful rocking SEO strategy, architecture is one of the main pillars you should bear in mind. Setting up a strong, straightforward and coherent informative architecture is a must to make it easy for search engines (and, for users) to find that specific content they´re looking for, in that specific keyword niche. It´s vital that you organize texts, images and multimedia in a logical and hierarchical way, so that you have a strong foundation to adapt to new algorithms in the future, in case it´s necessary. 



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Creating and providing valuable, interesting and entertaining content is one of the best things you can do to rank for keywords. Offering fresh, attractive and new content periodically will encourage your visitors to stay hooked on your site, and it will also be essential for search engines to put more of your site´s pages in the search index. Which kind of content should you think of? Try to consider the following: blog posts, articles, infographics, eBooks, tutorials, podcasts and whitepapers. That´s a good start!  If you do things right, your site will have more visibility, people will easily find your content, will love it and will certainly share it on social media platforms, and help spread your voice. Great benefits!   


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Talking about great content…one of the most powerful and engaging forms of content you can think of to boost your SEO efforts is by using an explainer video. By embedding an animated marketing video above the fold in your homepage, you can increase the average visit time by 2 minutes, reducing bounce rate (this is, the amount of people that come to your site and quickly “bounce”) and therefore ranking higher in search engines (search engines love sites that have a high time-on-site rate and a low bounce rate). That´s an amazing way to increase your online visibility! Check out this example of a fun and catchy video which was selected by Hubspot as one of the best animated explainer videos on the web:  


Tip: to get the most out of your animated marketing video and get the best ROI, hire a professional animated explainer video production company that can help you create a high quality, persuasive and engaging video.  If you need help on picking the right vendor for your company, download this free eBook


You´re sure you´re doing things right but you´re still losing traffic…is your website optimized for mobile devices? If the answer is “no”, you´re in big trouble… Some months ago, Google updated its search engine algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites in organic searches.  This means that if Google notices that your site doesn´t provide a good user experience to mobile visitors, then it will push you back in its results page. Hence, make sure you update your site and make it responsive and optimized for smaller screens. Last but not least, some statistics that will definitely convince you:  Gartner stated that global mobile data traffic is projected to increase by 53% in 2016. Mobile content and apps—and mobile video in particular—were called out as the key drivers of traffic volume. Going mobile is no longer optional! 


Animated video production for "KALA" by Yum Yum Videos.

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