Why do marketers usually care more about site and textual content optimization rather than video optimization?

Optimizing your YouTube videos is also vital! By implementing some SEO optimization tips you can make your explainer videos (marketing videos in general, really) easier to be found and shared, while boosting your online visibility dramatically. Let's review some easy ways you can optimize your videos on YouTube.


Why Be on YouTube?

Before we move on to the tips, let´s put into context why it's so important to have a  presence on YouTube.

  • YouTube is currently the #2 largest search engine in the world (after Google itself) and #3 largest social network.

  • YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet —. Everyday people watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views.

  • Being on YouTube will help you expand your reach radically, while increasing your chances to boost engagement with those millions of visitors that are using the platform.

  • YouTube videos also rank on Google. As “the giant” wants to provide users with the right type of content based on their queries, some searches will have marketing video thumbnails mixed within the results shown on screen.



Animated video production for "Flylady" by Yum Yum Videos.

Why Optimize Your Marketing Video on YouTube?

Now, let me sum up some of the main benefits of optimizing your YouTube videos:

  • By optimizing your video, you are able to get in front of the right people, thus getting qualified viewers that are interested in your content.

  • Not only it is vital to help users find your content, optimizing your video also improves the user experience, as you're showing viewers what they are looking for. You are able to give them more information about the topic you’re addressing, you are able to put that information into context and, finally, you are able to help the user take the next step in the sales funnel.

  • A well-optimized video will be shown prominently in Google searches. This will help you drive more traffic to your piece of content and to your website. What´s the result of this? More brand awareness and online visibility! It helps you improve views, shares and engagement in general. As we've mentioned, the right people will come to watch your explainer video, and they will be more willing to interact with it, if you have solid, high quality content (they have a specific interest in what they're watching)

How to Optimize YouTube Videos for Search

Now, with all this background information, we're ready to move on. Let's review some basic guidelines on YouTube video optimization.



Animated video production for "Circupress" by Yum Yum Videos.

  1. Keywords: Think about the keywords or phrases that usually come up in your niche and that your audience will use to do the research on YouTube and Google. Also, define some longtail keywords (longer sentences that will match specific searches). For example, in our case, we could use “Animated Explainer Videos”, or even “Explainer Video Production Company” as longtail keywords.

  2. Title: Optimize the video’s title by including the most important keyword for which you want your video to be ranked for. The title should be descriptive, concise and short. You can also use AdWords Display Planner  to have a general idea of how much global traffic a specific key phrase gets (you need to have an Adwords account to use it).

  3. Description: Create a full description of your video and don't be afraid to include as many words as you need to communicate a clear and descriptive idea of what your video is about (you can use 200, 250 words or even more). Of course, include the keywords you pre-defined, and make sure you also add the main information about your video in the first two sentences of the description. You can complete the description by adding a link to your website or related landing page, a transcription of the voice-over,keywords and links to your social networks.

  4. Tags: Use tags wisely: include plenty of relevant tags that represent the spirit of your video. Have in mind that how long people spend watching your video is more important than how many views it has, so focus on attracting the right audience that might be interested in your content. You can use between 10 and 20 tags (words or phrases) that are relevant to the content. Think about categories, niche groups and audience characteristics.

  5. Transcript: It's also useful to add a transcript or closed captions to your video. This  helps your viewers use the information however they want to (for example, for muting the video) and it gives you the opportunity to place keywords that will help Google know what it’s all about. There are two ways you can add transcripts: manually by adding captions through your video manager, or by creating and uploading your own plain text transcript file.

  6. Thumbnails: Choosing the right thumbnail will help you catch your audience’s eye when they are scanning results. Make sure you use the most colorful, professional and attractive stills from your video in high resolution (at least 640x360). The thumbnail has to represent the content of your video, so choose it wisely! Also avoid using your brand logo as a thumbnail as it won't grab your audience's attention and, what’s worse, won't be descriptive at all.

  7. Playlists: Use playlists to organize your videos and group them based on a specific topic; this gives you the chance to define a particular keyword focused title for the list. Additionally, playlists will give your visitors the chance to get an organized view of everything you have on all the content of the specific topic they are interested in.

  8. Brand your channel: Your YouTube's channel is an amazing platform to promote your video, so take advantage of that. Make some simple tweaks such as customizing the background of your page, adding links to other social networks and creating a custom header that grabs people's attention.

Wow! There are so many things you can do to maximize the visibility of your videos! Have you taken notes? Of course, it's also vital that you promote your videos across different channels and platforms, but that’s a whole other world. We recommend that you take a look at this article to learn how you can spread your animated explainer videos across the web.

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We also invite you to keep on surfing our blog for more interesting tips on video SEO. Enjoy it!

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