Being on YouTube is your big chance to reach millions of people.

Is one of the most popular social sites and one of the most powerful search engines you can find out there. But one thing's for sure: to maximize your visibility on this network you really need to work on a wise video SEO strategy that leads you to the first positions of the rankings. Is it feasible? Of course it is! Is it easy? Well, it requires some thoughtful and thorough work. But we can help you with that. We've already been through it! Check out these useful tips so that you can have a top ranking too.


Why YouTube?

YouTube is an amazing exhibition window for your videos. It is not only the 2nd largest search engine in the world, but also the 3rd largest social network (did you ever think about it?). And there´s more:

- It has over a billion users

- People watch hundreds of millions of hours of video everyday, generating billions of views.

- Growth in watch time on YouTube has accelerated. It´s up at least 50% year over year for three straight years.

- The number of people watching YouTube per day is up 40% year over year since March 2014. seems you HAVE to be there! And these tips might help a lot. Keep on reading…

Our Case Study.

As we've mentioned before, we can talk from our own experience: we're using one of our animated marketing videos as a real example of how you can be ranked in the top 5 results. We ourselves reached  the #1 position in YouTube's ranking under the most relevant keywords in our niche: “explainer video” and “best explainer videos”. This is the video we're referring to:

Key Components Of Your Video SEO Strategy.

The question is: how did we do it? Well, we divided our strategy into 3 complementary stages, which enabled us to, after three months of uploading our video, rank on YouTube's first page. These 3 phases are: a high quality video, video SEO and keyword planning, and a distribution strategy.

#1: A high quality video.

Having a high quality video is a must if you want to get a good position in YouTube's ranking. Have in mind that if your video is of bad quality, engagement and views will be pretty difficult to achieve. Considering that YouTube cares a lot about complete video views and the amount of time people spend watching your video, if your viewers leave after just a few seconds this could ruin all your marketing efforts.

Tip: choosing a professional video production company can make a huge difference when developing your video. If you need some help on how to pick out the right video company for your business, download this free eBook.

#2: Video SEO and keyword planning.

Video Search Engine Optimization implies making some optimizations to your video, in order to rank it higher. There are several best practices you can consider for video SEO, such as:

- Research which keywords or phrases from your business niche come up frequently on YouTube. 

- Optimizing the title and description of your video by placing those keywords in it. 

- Make a wise choice of the video thumbnail so as to make it highly attractive.

- Work on the description of your video to make sure it’s accurate, clear and compelling. 

- Include a strong Call To Action that makes your target audience take the direction you're looking for.

#3: Distribution.

After making those key optimizations, you need to set up a distribution strategy for your video: when ranking videos, YouTube considers not only the websites in which your videos are embedded, but also the amount of YouTube's views that come from those sites. Consequently, in order to strengthen your Video SEO strategy, you need to choose the right places to place your video. In this sense, you can resort to YouTube ads, link building tactics, and guest blogging, just to give you some examples. We, specifically, didn’t invest in paid ads.


Animated video production for "MUNZIT" by Yum Yum Videos.

You should consider that there are lots of factors that can affect your ranking, and some of them you can’t control. But these three tips we explained here are the essentials without which you won’t be able to start ranking in the first positions.

Is that it? Of course not! This was just a quick overview on how you can set up an effective video SEO strategy, but if you want to get more in-depth information, we recommend that you download our free eBook called “How To Rank #1 On YouTube”, where you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to make this happen. Good luck!

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