Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-YOUTBE-1st-thumbHave you made a great marketing video and want it to rank high on YouTube? Today we’ll teach you how our explainer video got to rank #1 on YouTube in only 3 months!

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, so you must get your marketing videos there or nobody will find them. The problem is how do you rank high in such a big search engine? We can show you the way: in just 3 months, our video down here got to rank #1 on YouTube!

We got this video to rank 1st under the most relevant search keywords in our business (“explainer videos”, “explainer video” and “best explainer videos”) through the strategic video SEO campaign that you’ll learn today. So take 5 minutes, grab your favorite cup of coffee, and use this knowledge to build your next video marketing campaign aiming to rank #1 on YouTube:


1. Titles


● Keep them short: less than 70 characters is OK, since titles longer than that will be truncated in a Google search.

● Avoid the tricky ones: titles that trick viewers into watching a video cause a huge drop-off that negatively impacts your video’s watch-time performance and place on the SERP (search engine results page).

● Make them useful: Include descriptive and relevant keywords towards the beginning of the title.


2. Thumbnails


● When working with animated marketing videos (like ours) use the most colorful and attractive stills from your video to stand out. You can see four previous options for our video thumbnail above (we eventually chose the first one to display on YouTube).

Now, if you work with live-action videos use close-ups of faces when possible. In these cases, human faces always draw more attention.

● Accurately represent the video content: if your thumbnail is misleading, it can cause audience drop-offs that negatively impact viewership and watch-time.

● Use hi-resolution images: if the resolution is low, your video might be perceived as a low quality production, and people won’t click on it.

● Make them look great everywhere: check your thumbnails on different devices (such as TVs, iPads and desktop computers) to be sure that they look great at both small and large sizes.

● Assure that the foreground stands out: don’t use an image where the background competes with the foreground; the elements placed above should always stand out more. You only have a few seconds to catch their attention, so make it simple!


3. Descriptions


● Be precise: accurately describe the basic information about your video in one or two concise sentences.

● Link: include a link to your website within the first two sentences and also to your social media sites.

● Be relevant: include valuable keywords that will make your video easy to find on Google.

● Transcript: add a transcription of your video script below the first lines on the description. This action gives you the opportunity to place more relevant keywords for your target audience.


4. Calls-To-Action


● Make your viewers to take action: ask and compel your viewers to subscribe, like, comment or share your video through your CTA.

● Use a CTA on the video: although YouTube lets you include a CTA button (like the one you see above), your video should also have a clear CTA at the end.

● Measure: analyze your CTA performance to learn if your video campaign is effective.

● Test: A/B testing different CTAs can help you understand what your audience wants and learn where your leads are coming from.


5. Engagement

You need to make people watch the video all the way through to get to the CTA and -most importantly- to rank higher on YouTube: the amount of time people stay watching affects directly to YouTube’s SERP. If thousands play your video but leave after a few seconds, YouTube will consider that your video is not interesting enough and your place on its SERP will drop drastically.

Take a look at our YouTube video metrics:

Over 40% of viewers have watched our over-2-minute video all the way through and that’s great! That viewership allowed us to reach the 1st place in an organic YouTube search. Don’t worry; no video gets to a 100% audience retention, so be ready to lose many casual viewers along the way.


Our video marks “high” audience retention when looking at the relative metrics (comparing our viewership with YouTube videos of similar length). That’s the most valuable engagement sign for any brand’s keywords search. It reveals us that we did things right.

There’s no trick in this: overall, you need to make a powerful, compelling and entertaining video. Aim for quality animation and scriptwriting in order to get the best ROI. Great videos make great results.


6. Tags

Your tags are the keywords that people will use to find your video on YouTubeA right tag selection is vital for YouTube’s SERP!

● Be consistent and accurate.

● Put your most important keywords first.

● Use quotes for keywords phrases, such as "mobile app".

● Add long-tail keywords as well “best mobile android app”.


7. Paid Promotion

Bear in mind that to start promoting on YouTube it’s always recommended investing some budget on it, so to give your videos a little push.

Yum-Yum-Videos-explianer-video-production-company-YOUTUBE-new-bannerUse YouTube paid promotion services especially during the first days your video is online. If your video is engaging enough and people start watching it regularly, YouTube will notice the audience interest and reward your video by ranking it higher even if you stop promoting it. All of the former SEO tips will help you along the way.


Follow these tips and prepare to rank high on YouTube under your own brand’s keywords search. We guarantee it!

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