Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-YOUTUBE-logo-THUMBSo you have a great animated marketing video and you want to rank it first in the YouTube searches. The problem is that everyone else wants the same thing, especially your competitors!

Don’t despair! Today you’ll learn how to rank YouTube videos with our ultimate Video SEO guide, a free eBook with a neat step-by-step walkthrough to help your videos rank higher on YouTube. You can’t miss it!


Our new free eBook will help you to boost your Video SEO (search engine optimization) strategy in an easy way, without the need of advanced programming or marketing expertise.

We’ll teach you how to be easily found by optimizing your YouTube video’s:





Besides, we’ll disclose the details on the brand-new YouTube Cards; a great feature that allows you to add multiple calls-to-action to your marketing video.



You’ll also learn how to check your video marketing performance with YouTube Analytics.



And all of this will be explained with a real case study: our animated marketing video “What Is The Best Explainer Video Style For Your Business?” that ranked #1 on YouTube in just three months:


Did we mention that all of this is free of charge? There’s no catch! We just need your email so we can send over our upcoming eBooks. We’re an animated explainer video production company and our main goal is for everyone to learn and get the best explainer video tips and marketing results from their videos!

How To Rank #1 on YouTube” is our 6th eBook, but we have many more in our Explainer Video Academy, such as:

How To Write A Marketing Video Script

You Have Your Video Done… Now What?

Explainer Videos: The Ultimate Marketing Tool


Inside the Academy you’ll find the rest of our eBooks as well as our educational infographics and slides. And in our blog you’ll read the latest best explainer video production tips. We hope you will find these resources helpful!


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