Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-true-thumbWho doesn’t love whiteboard videos? I mean, those black-and-white videos that easily explain complex ideas by drawing a story on a whiteboard. But then, one day when you see a cute video with drawings on a whiteboard and shout: “I know what that is! That’s a whiteboard animation video!” Are you sure, about that? “Be careful!” Not everything that lays on a whiteboard is a whiteboard video.


To be an actual whiteboard animation, a video must follow a couple of rules. You should know that whiteboard is quite different from any other explainer video style, so keep these next rules in mind in order to know what really defines a true whiteboard animation:


1. No Hand, No Whiteboard.

You can’t think of a whiteboard animation without a drawing hand. The whole style is practically based on that very hand. This hand represents the human touch in the video and is made to engage your audience: they can follow it with their eyes and see how the story is created right in front of them. That’s one of the things that make these videos an intriguing and entertaining experience.

Without the hand we’re simply not talking about a whiteboard video. Hands up!


2. Connect or Perish.

The drawings in a whiteboard video must have a connection between them. Remember that whiteboard videos are actually telling a story by drawing it in front of the viewer’s eyes. So if the whole video is just a draw-and-erase phase that repeats over and over again, it’ll lose the amazing sense of flowing and continuity. This method could be useful for any other animated explainer video style, but not for a whiteboard video!


3. To Be or Not To Be (Digital).

Oh, the good old hornet’s nest! The digital animation era brought so many different opinions on this subject.

Most traditional animation companies claim that a whiteboard animation must be done by recording an artist drawing live. The truth is that even the most old-fashioned video companies are using digital effects and post-production software in every one of their pieces nowadays.

As we can see, digital technologies can be used to improve the traditional technique, making video production easier to handle and turning whiteboard videos into a whole new experience. Check out this next video to see how some 2D animation was added to the process, creating livelier characters and an even more engaging story:

Today we gave you our basic rules to make an authentic whiteboard animation, based on our field experience and knowledge. But don’t settle on this article: dare to learn more about this animated explainer video style! So don’t leave the site before visiting out Explainer Video Academy, the place where you’ll get all of our free content: eBooks, infographics, slides and more.

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