Best_animated_explainer_video_by_yum_yum_videosA high bounce rate (over 60%) combined with a low time-on-site could indicate that you need to make some adjustments to your page. Today we´re going to give you a useful recipe. 

The bounce rate is the percentage of users who visit your website and bounce (leave it) without surfing any other page on your site. The other side of the coin is the time-on-page rate, this is, the amount of time visitors who did not bounce spend on your page.  


Animated video production for "TELLWISE" by Yum Yum Videos

Pay attention: include an animated marketing video in the home page of your website and you will not only reduce bounce rates, but also increase time-on-page rates, by grabbing your audience´s attention and engaging them with the content you´re offering. Let´s learn more…


An startup video is a great marketing tool that gives you the chance of explaining in a catchy, brief and entertaining way who you are, what you do and how you can solve your audience´s problem. Just as an example, check out this cool video that has been selected by Hubspot as one of the best animated explainer videos on the web:

Great video content like this can turn into a powerful marketing tool to captivate your audience and consequently increase your conversions and sales. Let´s understand how:

● Animated marketing videos instantly grab your audience´s attention and make them stay an average of 2 minutes longer. If we consider that the average time people spend on a site is 10 to 20 seconds…that´s an amazing boost!

● If people spend more time on your website, this will definitely help you to rank better in Google (Google loves and rewards a low bounce rate and a high time-on-page rate).

● An startup video gives you the chance of expressing your business idea in less than 2 minutes. If people understand your value proposal and find it interesting, they will keep on watching till the end. If they watch it completely, you have  65% more chances to convert visitors into customers. 

Now let´s see how you can make the best animated explainer video ever! And, of course, let´s review some tips on how to get the most out of your video, in order to reduce bounce rate and increase time-on-page.


Animated video production for "BONKERS" by Yum Yum Videos


Placing your video above the fold means placing it where your visitors can see it without the need of scrolling down the page. Did you know that placing a video above the fold increases the average visit time to around 2 minutes? (while reducing the bounce rate). That´s enough time to explain your business idea and persuade your audience to make the next step. Try it! 



You shouldn’t aim at making less than a top notch video. To understand  this, we strongly suggest you hire a professional explainer video company who can ensure you the results you´re looking for. If you want to experiment by yourself all the benefits animated marketing videos can give you, work with a high quality video that is capable of passing out a professional brand image and get the best ROI. If you need further advice on this, download our free eBook on How to choose the right explainer video production company for your business.


Animated video production for "TRIGGERMAIL" by Yum Yum Videos.


People might land on your page and not even notice that your startup video is there…but if they don´t like the quick snapshot of your video they definitely won’t press the play button. Always make sure you choose a great and attractive thumbnail that represents the spirit of your video: a compelling and customized image that tells your potential customers “hey…here´s what you need”. In our video “What is the best explainer video style for your business” we´ve considered 4 different options before we made the final decision:


“What is the best animated video style for your business" by Yum Yum Videos 

These are just a few tips on how to reduce bounce rate, increase time-on-page rates and boost your conversions using an animated marketing video. If you want more information on how to track your video performance, check out these 5 metrics

We also invite you to surf our blog for more tips and information on animated video production. Don´t forget to visit our Marketing Video Academy where you´ll find useful eBooks, infographics, slides and more!



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