Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-BOUNCE-thumbThe bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who enter a website and then “bounce” -as in “leave”- pretty much immediately. This is a measure of how effective a website is at encouraging visitors to stay on it and visit other sections, for example. A high bounce rate is equivalent to visitors not finding content that’s interesting enough to make them stay for longer on your website.


We’ve got good news for you: an animated explainer video can help you reduce your bounce rate! A great animated marketing video will make your visitors stay on your website for at least a couple of minutes, it will grab their attention and it will engage them with the content you’re delivering.

These are a few tips to reduce your bounce rate, so pay close attention to these pieces of advice!

Before we start, here’s one of our best explainer videos for you to watch:




1. Grab Their Attention, And Keep It!

Jerry Seinfeld, who has become extremely successful with his own online show, already said it: "Internet is the most brutal creative field there is. If people don’t like what they see, they’ll stop watching it and they’ll leave!"


Therefore, if you were able at first to get visitors to your website, then you need to do whatever it takes to keep those visitors on it!

You need to grab their attention, so make sure to place the video above the fold. That way you guarantee this is the first thing your visitors see. They will press play and they’ll stay for longer! It’s not just about getting their attention -more importantly, it’s about keeping it!


2. A Great Glimpse

Even before visitors press play on your video, they can have a glimpse of it by looking at the thumbnail. You may have gotten visitors to visit your website and they may have even noticed your video, but if they don’t like that quick snapshot of your video, they won’t press play.

Make sure to have a great thumbnail: an inviting and customized image that compels your visitors to turn into viewers. Genius is in the details, so take care of every little thing that you can think of in order to make your visitors watch your video. Everything counts!

Here’s a thumbnail selection from our video “What is the Best Explainer Video Style for your Business”. We analyzed 4 different options before we made up our minds:


Eventually, here's the one we picked. Up to this moment, this animated marketing video of ours has over 36k views and it’s still growing day by day!




3. Leave It To The Pros

When people enter your site, what they see is what they get, so they better find a high-quality video -this is a representation of your brand, after all. If you want to have a top notch video, then we suggest you hire a professional explainer video company. They will take care of what they do best and allow you to focus on your business. 

If you leave it to the pros, you will have a custom video that will show characters who represent your target audience. This will create an emotional bond with your audience, it will generate trust and it will also make them aware of your brand. People just won’t leave a website that looks good, so your video should also be an ingredient of that beautiful recipe.

Here’s another example:




4. Your Audience Is The Star

When people go online researching for companies that may solve their problems, the last thing they want to see is content about those businesses -they need to see information addressed to their problems.

Long story short: you need to make your video about your audience, not about your product or service. This may sound like an oxymoron, we hear you, but if you show in your video that you understand the problems of your audience, then they will feel that you created your product especially for them. And that sensation of exclusivity is crucial to encourage your customers not only to buy your product, but also to remember it.

If your visitors enter your website and they notice it’s about them, they will appreciate that attention by staying longer just because they will be interested in what you have to show them.

In this example, see how the brand is mentioned at the 0:25 mark, only after explaining the audience’s problems:




These are just a few tips to help reduce your bounce rate with your animated marketing video. We really hope you find them useful for your business!

And, if you want further advice on video marketing, visit our Explainer Video Academy and download our free eBooks, infographics and educational videos to help boost your online campaigns. Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips.

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