It is all too common: you plan a marketing strategy, put it into practice and then forget about it. No way!

The internet is all about changes, so you should stay up to date on new ways to reach your audience to keep your marketing strategy fresh and updated.

But first things first: what is inbound marketing actually about? At Yum Yum Videos we made an amazing explainer video to tell you all about it:



#1. Set SMART Goals

It all starts with a clear and achievable objective. To help you get there, think about a video marketing strategy that follows these guidelines:

  1. Specific: Your goals must communicate what is expected, why it is important, who are the people involved, where it is going to happen and if there are any constraints.
  2. Measurable: Working with explainer videos is an easy way to achieve this. Pro video hosting services like Wistia let you track deep and insightful metrics. But even free services like YouTube and Facebook offer valuable insights for video content which no other form of content can offer!
  3. Attainable: Remember to keep your expectations real. With video, the best way to do this is by thinking about your buyer’s journey and planning specific video content for each step.
  4. Relevant: Whatever you goal is, it should be important to your business.
  5. Timely: A plan without a date is actually not a plan, but a dream! Set realistic deadlines and track your results as you progress so that you can adjust them accordingly, if necessary.

#2. Investigate Before You Start

There is no way you can be successful at inbound marketing without awesome content. In order to have that, you need to do some research!

For instance, knowing your buyer persona will help you create a relatable character for an explainer video, which in return will result in an engaging piece of content.

#3. Diversify and Distribute Your Content

We already told you about the importance of paying attention to your buyer’s journey before planning your strategy. Now you should plan your content with that info!

As you can see, an educational video about your viewers pain points will not be the same video as one that aims at closing a deal when leads are already super informed about your brand. This goes the same for other types of content: images, infographics, eBooks, blog posts and so on.

#4. Keep Your Website Fresh

If you’ve been looking to improve your website but haven’t had much success, maybe it’s time to update its content. Did you know that having an explainer video on your landing page might do the trick? Above-the-fold explainer videos help retain people, build brand trust and optimize some important metrics that are key to your website’s SEO, like bounce rate and time on page rate.

And talking about SEO…

#5. Don’t Forget SEO When Planning Your Content

The ideal inbound marketing strategy balances relevancy towards your audience with keyword planning. Organic searches can also be a lead generating component of your marketing strategy! Did you know 66% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority?

For optimal SEO, you must first do some research about what keywords are best for representing your business on the web. Once you have this info, make sure to include it in your content! Some unsuspected places can work wonders, like in your video title and description fields.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do to optimize your marketing efforts this year. There are some strategic decisions that you should make inside your business, but when it comes to content, you can get professional help! If you don’t have an explainer video yet, make it easy for you to reach your objectives with one. Give us a call, we would be happy to chat with you!


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