"Once upon a time…” Have you heard this before? :) We ALL love stories and that's why the storytelling technique has become so powerful in the marketing world - ALSO: it's impressively popular not only in written content but also in video content. Today we're going to show you how you can leverage the power of storytelling by using inspirational and engaging video content. Read below!


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“Storytelling” Your Brand

Storytelling is not a recent thing, but during the last few years it has become widely popular in the marketing field, to create another type of connection with audiences.

Basically, it's about explaining ideas by using narrative, which can be real, imaginary or a combination of both. And you might be asking yourself: “why is it such an effective technique? what's the special thing about it”? Let me put it simply: people tend to remember things that are being told as a story and that generate some kind of emotion. They don't usually remember -much- when information is passed on as “a list of facts”.

Using the storytelling technique to tell the story behind your brand is a very powerful move to raise the engagement and the bond with your target audience. If you make this happen  through video content it’s even more powerful.

  • Firstly, video content has the amazing ability to generate different emotions. And there's a scientific explanation behind that. Read through this explanation on why video content generates such strong emotions.
  • Secondly, we all want to hear new stories and learn new things everyday. This is another fact why we - as consumers- connect so perfectly with the storytelling technique.
  • Thirdly, by “storytelling” your brand you are fully adapting to basic human nature: as humans, we think in narrative structures, and in the pattern of storytelling, “thought” and “language” also go together.
  • Additionally, stories are illustrative and easily remembered, much more than a list of facts or events.

Best Video Types To Tell Your Brand's Story

Now that we know that the storytelling technique can become a great resource for your (video) content strategy, let's dive into the best types of videos you could resort to, to tell your brand's story.

  • About us videos: why not build a complete story around your brand and the company itself? How did it all start? What were the main challenges? What was the final outcome? Tell the whole story by connecting the facts coherently and don't forget to add a good dose of emotion.
  • How we work videos: making a process video can also work great to tell the story behind your brand: what's the specific methodology or process you follow to get to such a good product?
  • Educative videos: you can also develop a video through storytelling to teach, train or educate your audience about a specific topic they could be interested in.
  • Explainer videos: the storytelling technique is the foundation of animated marketing videos. These videos have a strong emotional and inspiration power and can be used to raise the engagement and the identification towards the “story” you're presenting.

Tip: of course, you can use a mix of these videos, not necessarily one. But one thing's critical: make sure all the videos have the brand's visual unity, and also keep it consistent regarding the narrative, the tone and the voice you use in each one.

Ready to communicate your brand's story? :)

And hey…talking about the connection with your target audience...don't miss these helpful tips to generate brand love and trust by using an animated marketing video!  


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