Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-SALES-GRAPHICS-thumbAnimated explainer videos are great marketing tools for your business; they attract lots of new visitors to your site and grab their attention right away. But the key marketing question is: how can you use them to improve your sales?


We have the solution; here are some useful tips to make it so:


1. Always focus on your audience’s problems

To be a successful sales-grower, your marketing video must focus on your audience’s problems. When your potential customers search online for an answer to their problems, the company who can solve them better is the one who’ll get the new customer. If you just focus on your brand’s features, people will most likely lose interest, simply because it’s not what they were looking for; and you’ll lose the chance to explain yourself.


2. Engage your audience with your main characters

If you’re crafting a cartoon animated video, the best way to engage your audience is by showing them that the video was made especially for them. How? By making your main characters look, dress and talk like your target audience. Without falling into stereotypes, you can show your potential customers that your video is all about them. Crafting your animated characters to reflect your audience generates a strong emotional bond, because they can easily identify with it. This is a key factorin the final customer’s decision.


3. Make your video shorter

If your video isn’t short and compelling, visitors will get bored and run away from your site, never to return. An animated marketing video that lasts less than 2 minutes assures you that your potential customers will understand your business idea quickly, and will watch the video until the end. At Yum Yum Videos, we recommend 90-second-long videos because they give you enough time to explain your idea, without losing any viewers alongthe way. However (depending on your product or service’s complexity) sometimes shorter is better.


4. Place your video above the fold on your website

One of the most important things to know in order to grow sales is to get your visitors to stay longer on your website. You need to engage them quickly, because the human attention span in 2014 is about the same as a goldfish’s-like 8 seconds! So, once it’s done, place your video above the fold on your home or landing page: this catches the visitors’ attention immediately, making them stay 2 minutes longer on average. So, from those initial 8 seconds, that’s an instant 1500% boost!


5. Upload it to YouTube, no matter what

YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine. Over 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute, and its videos always appear first inGoogle searches. What’s more, explainer and instructional videos make up 67% of global YouTube viewership! So, if you want your animated marketing videos to be found by your potential customers, they most definitely have to be on YouTube also!

6. Make it social out-and-out

Besides posting your videos on your website, it’s important to be active on your social media networks, so don’t be shy about inviting your audience to comment, like and share. Also, it’s vital not to forget to place social media buttons next to your video on your landing page, so that it can be shared easily. Video marketing is a growing trend in social media; Twitter has just announce Promoted Video Ads and Facebook is going forward with video marketing next year, so you’d better be ready to take new customers in.


If you follow these pieces of advice, you can see that an animated explainer video is a great marketing tool with the best chances of increasing your sales, but you also need to optimize your website, create a solid keyword campaign and keep generating relevant online content in order to get the best results from your video. Let us know if these tips were useful for you. Good luck!

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