Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-EBOOK-5-THUMBWriting an explainer video script is not an easy task. Whether you write one for yourself or hire an animated video production company to do it for you, it’s always vital to get some expert advice on the subject. So, today we’re introducing our new free eBook: “How To Write An Explainer Video Script”, an awesome piece from our educational marketing spot, the Explainer Video Academy.



Know How To Structure Your Script

With this handy eBook you’ll get the basic knowledge in order to create a great animated marketing video script by yourself. Inside you’ll learn the basics on the classic script structure (intro, middle and end) specially adapted into the “what, how and why” of the professional online video production process.



Find Out How To Measure Your Video Lenght

A typical scriptwriting issue that we discuss inside the pages of our eBook is how to measure the length of your potential video in the script stage. This problem is solved in a very simple way, through a simple mathematical equation between the amount of words and the final video running time, making it all easier.



Learn How To Target Your Audience

With the help of our brand new eBook you’ll also learn valuable knowledge on how animated characters can be crafted to your target audience’s image (from the very scriptwriting stage) in order to grow identification and trust within them, and thus conversions and sales.



Are you ready to get the best explainer video scriptwriting wisdom on the Internet?

Our Explainer Video Academy keeps on growing! Come inside to download the rest of our educational video marketing eBooks, plus infographics and slides, and become an animated explainer video whiz to boost every one of your online campaigns!

Download the free ebook: How to Write a Script for an Explainer Video

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