When it comes to explainer videos, did you know that it all starts with a wonderful script?

It is the backbone of your explainer video: it will define all the aspects that help create an engaging, fun and branded animation. If your script is good, you are off to a great start!


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That is why it is so important to pay attention to it. With this article, learn how to start your video production process with a solid script.

To be honest, a great script is also a simple one! Its structure is pretty similar to that of Hollywood flicks, actually. It consists of:

  1. The beginning: what is the problem your company solves?
  2. The middle: how does your company solve that problem?
  3. The end: why should your audience choose your company?

#1: The Beginning, or “What?”

Before you start writing your script, you should be thinking about what problem your audience has that your product or service can solve. And that is exactly what you will show in the introduction of your explainer video: your buyer persona and their issue.

Yummy Tip: Research your audience thoroughly before you start writing your script. You need to know who they are and what moves them before creating a message that will engage them.

What? Does that mean that I won’t be talking about my brand yet? Exactly. What we look for in the beginning of the explainer video is to grab the audience’s attention and reduce viewer drop offs. Once your audience is hooked, it is easier to deliver a compelling message.

The introduction part usually lasts a few seconds. Can you detect it in this Ubiety explainer video?

#2: The Middle, or “How?”

Now that you have your audience engaged and keen on watching how they can solve the problem you portrayed, we’ll: answer them!

The second part of your explainer video should explain how your company can help viewers solve their problem. The middle of the video usually starts when the brand is mentioned or the logo appears.

It is easy to detect! In Nybytt’s explainer video, it starts around second fifteen:

#3: The End, or “Why?”

Maybe you’re thinking that, if you already offered a solution to the problem, then the explainer video must be over. Wait a minute! There are many other businesses out there who can also solve this very same problem: it’s your competitors. That is the reason why the last part of your explainer video must focus on why you can better help your audience than any other solution out there.

This is the moment to shine! Explain in detail all the features your product or service has that respond better to your viewer’s troubles than anything your competition can offer. It’s your best characteristics that will finally convince them that you are the best solution to the problem shown.

See all the advantages Major Motor Medical explains in their video:

Yummy Tip: We know you love your product and that you want others to love it too! But don’t overdo it: the final part of your explainer video is also the most salesy, so be sure to make it as short as possible.

What do you think about this script structure? Did you ever use it? As you might have detected, this is the classic script structure. Most explainer videos are thought of this way because it is simple yet engaging and informational. If you ever used another script type for your explainer video, tell us in the comments section! We’d love to know.

If you’d like to dive deep into the fascinating task of writing an explainer video script, feel free to download our eBook How To Write A Script for an Explainer Video. It is a step-by-step guide that includes many examples and many yummy tips. Thanks for reading!

how to write a explainer video script


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