Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-IDEA-bulb-THUMBBefore you start making an animated explainer video, it’s vital to learn the whole process by going through the different production stages. Whether you hire a production company or a freelance animator, knowing how an animated marketing video is made will help you to give the right feedbacks in the right time and get better results from your animated marketing video.


Then what are those explainer video production stages? Here they are:

1. Scriptwriting

2. Storyboarding

3. Voice-over

4. Style Frames

5. Illustration

6. Animation

7. Music and Sound FX


When you look for an explainer video production company, make sure that they run a clear and easily understandable production process. This is vital, because this  way you’ll be able to get feedback for the proper changes before the video is finished (which would be  too late to ask for modifications).

No matter how great the video production company is, your feedback is extremely important, because no one knows your business and your audience more than you; so you must take part in the video process and  give feedback in the different stages to make sure that your marketing video is really representing your brand and target audience the way you want it to.



The most important stages of an explainer video production are the script and the storyboard.

1. Script

On the script you’ll literally write down the message you want to transmit to your audience. Therefore, it needs to be simple, short and clear. Here’s a fine example:



2. Storyboard

The storyboard, on the other hand, describes the actions (what’s actually going to happen in the video) and the visual aspects of the video (how’s everything going to be seen on it). Overall, the storyboard must be fully visual! It’s not just a description of those actions; the storyboard also marks the camera angles and movements, the transitional shots, the exact position of the characters and so on.

Storyboards are vital to get a glimpse on how the final video will look like once it’s done. So, if you’re thinking of making your video with an video company, never accept to do it if they can’t offer you a stage where you can see and give your feedback on the storyboard. That would be a very bad decision; it’s like buying something without seeing it first!

Check this example over here:



3. Voice-Over

The voice-over is basically the voice that narrates the script over the video. It’s important for the chosen professional voice-actor to be a native speaker (with the language and accent of the video’s target audience) in order to deliver a professional animated marketing video.


4. Style Frames

Other very important elements of the process are the so-called style frames. These are a couple of high resolution frames of the storyboard (like if they were still pictures of the final video), presenting end-quality graphics and characters, long before the whole video is made. See a clear example:


Once you get this process, along with the storyboard, you’ll have all the elements available to imagine what the video is going to look like at the end.


5. Illustration

In this stage, professional illustrators draw all the graphic elements that will be used in the video, such as characters and backgrounds.


6. Animation

Using all the graphic elements, storyboard frames and voice-over recordings, a group of professional animators manage to set every character, camera movement and graphic in motion. The video comes alive!


7. Music and Sound FX

In the end, music and sound effects are added to the resulting video to make it stand out, sound and look awesome!


If you have doubts about the quality of any video production company or freelancer it’s very simple to clear your mind, check out some of their previous videos and compare them between other video companies and choose the best one. Here’s our portfolio, check it out if you like!

Now watch the final result of this entire animated marketing video process:

I hope this has been eye-opener for you. Good luck with your next video-making experience!

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