Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-SCRIPTWRITING-hand-THUMBWriting an explainer video script is not an easy task. Whether you hire a professional scriptwriter or go on your own, it’s vital to learn some basic structure to turn your script into an explainer video script.

Today we’ll teach you the 3 main things that your marketing video script cannot miss. Let’s go then!


1. Your script has to explain WHAT the main problem is that your product or service is solving. This is the first thing that needs to appear in your animated video. In other words, this has to be the introduction in your video. You need to put your audience’s problem above everything else. By doing so, your video will be way more engaging and, therefore, more potential customers will watch it all the way through to the end.

See how we introduce the “what” at the beginning of this fun animated video:


2. The second thing that you must explain in your script is HOW your company solves this problem. You’ve already hooked in your audience, because they’re already aware that your animated marketing video deals with their problem, but now they need to know “how” you’re planning to solve it.

Watch the next video. The “how” section of this animated marketing video starts quite soon at 0.06. Watch how we present it:


3. Once you’ve delivered the “what” and the “how”, it’s time to explain WHY they should choose your company (and no other) to solve their problem. This is the part when you explain your product or service’s features and highlight the advantages that make your brand stand out from the rest. We shall call it the “salesy” section, because it’s the moment when you promote your business.

Don’t ever focus only on your features in your script; just mention or explain them at the end, once you’ve already talked about your audience’s problem and showed how your brand can solve it. Remember: your audience doesn’t want to know everything about your brand, they just want to solve a problem, and learn how you brand can help them with it.

Sometimes, the “how” and “why” sections might be the same part or have just a slight difference between them; so don’t worry if they overlap a little. Watch this example all the way through, and try to find the “why” section by yourself:

Finally, don’t forget to place a clear and direct call-to-action at the end of your explainer video script, so that viewers know exactly what to do after watching your video. Some good examples are: “Download our free demo”, “Ask for a free quote”, “Share this on social media”.

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