At Yum Yum Videos, we talk a lot with people who have an awesome brand that offers a unique product through an amazing approach…

But turns out, it is still hard for them to win the confidence of their audience. There is no way to win new customers without brand trust! For that, my friends is where video content comes to the rescue.


Understanding Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about making the right content for the right people and delivering it at the right moment. Better than words, let us say it with video: 


If you have read our series of articles about smart video content, you already know that marketing videos at their best are made to match each step of the buyer’s journey. Although generating brand trust is essential for every step of the way, it is of the utmost importance during the decision stage. Why is that?

Well, during the decision stage, your lead is already thoroughly informed about the different options that can help them resolve their problem and has even selected a few that are most likely to match his or her needs. Nonetheless, the decision hasn’t been made yet! So you need to deliver the trust and confidence that your potential customer needs in order to tie the sales knot.

How Can Videos Help?

Videos can be a great aid during the decision stage because they let people see with their own eyes not only your product, but all the hard work behind it and the happy customers that benefit from using it.

Think about it this way: it is tougher to trust a chunk of text or an image with a caption about how amazing your product or service is than to see a worker or a customer say it in their own words. And the most engaging and clear way to say it is with a video.

Types of Smart Videos That Generate Brand Trust

For the decision stage of your buyer’s journey, focus on videos that incite brand trust. Let your leads know that they will not regret having chosen you!

Testimonial Videos

In a testimonial video, customers talk about their experience with the product or service they chose. Testimonial videos generally include the following:

  • A presentation from the customer.
  • The problem that took them to look for the desired product.
  • How the product helped them solve their issue.
  • A conclusion, in which they state why they would recommend your brand.

Testimonial videos shouldn’t be scripted: spontaneity is the key to making a believable video, thus engaging your viewers.

Yummy tip: For great testimonials, guide your happy customers with a series of questions so that they can share their experience easily.

Process Videos

This is the behind the scenes of your business! It’s like a VIP pass to the way in which your product is made. Fair enough, if someone will give you their precious money for your product, they want to know how it is born.

The aim is, again, being transparent about the way things are made around your business. If someone understands the perks of your work process, they will probably trust the brand behind it.

You can make a classic process video or you can also add some personality, like the company Dollar Shave Club did. What’s important is showing the most you can about your business: your work space, how you do things and, in the case of a product, its production process.

About Us Videos

Last, but certainly not least, are the about us videos. In these videos, company workers present themselves and talk about their role in the company. They also portray brand values, work ethics and can give examples of challenges they had and how they solved them.

Getting to know the who behind the what is a great way of producing engagement and brand trust. Plus, if your brand values align with those of your customers (and they should!) your prospect in the decision stage will feel confident enough to finally choose you.

Have you ever made a video for the decision stage of your buyer’s journey? Did it help you build brand trust? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear your thoughts.

If aligned with a smart video strategy, video content can take you places. Learn more about how to best profit from it in every step of your buyer’s journey. Enjoy the ride!


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