Video is attractive, engaging, informative, educative, fun and also persuasive.


People love it and it's a huge tool to transmit confidence and trust (among many other benefits). Have you already asked yourself how you can use this valuable resource to increase your sales? Today we'll give you some tips on how to do this!


It's All About Trust

As you may know, in the buyer's journey we can identify different stages. In each of these stages, your prospect is in a different situation, with different needs...and consequently demands different information.

Let's give a quick review to the 3 main stages of the buyer's journey:

  • Awareness: your prospect starts to be aware of a certain problem they have.
  • Consideration: at this stage, your prospect has a clear idea on what problem they have and is searching for the best means/methods/solutions to address it.
  • Decision: the prospect makes up their mind about the best solution.

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Ah! Also check out this brief tutorial to fully understand what each stage implies.

In the decision stage, you, as a marketer, surely want to increase sales and give the best of you so as to convince your potential customers to take that final step and choose your product.

If we think that at the decision stage the prospect opts for a solution (and believe me, they have an enormous range of products to pick out), building trust is a must at this point. And hey, video content is perfect for that! It's alluring, compelling, persuasive and has great inspirational power. All of these characteristics help a lot to generate trust.

Trust is essential to help encourage your prospects to pick out your product, by providing them with useful information about the features and characteristics of your offer. In other words, what makes your product unique and different from your competitor's? Have a clear idea on this before developing any video content ;)


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Best Video Types To Increase Sales

And now, it's time to review some of the best video types that can help you enhance your sales. They all have one thing in common: they're just perfect to generate trust and encourage your prospect to take that final step.

Testimonial Videos

You can work on some testimonials, case studies or success stories to tell the world how your product helped others with their problems. It's not you bragging about your product but some others talking about the great benefits they had by using it. Customers pay a lot of attention to what other people say, so take advantage of that to build trust around your product.

Here's a good example of a client's testimonial

About Us Videos

This type of video is very versatile, so you can think about mixing some marketing/business messages with a more personal approach (by including employees and client testimonials, for instance). The main goal here is to talk about who your company is, by using different “voices”. You can also resort to different resources that add an extra quote of emotion (such as  catchy music, storytelling techniques, stunning imagery, etc.). This will help you generate empathy and identification.

Process Videos

Producing a video about how you work, or about some specific internal process, is also a useful tool to encourage prospects to take that next step and turn into your customers. Video is an amazing informative resource, but it's also highly educative and engaging, so if you find a good way to offer them an effective solution to their problems, you will definitely stand out from the competition and gain a remarkable place in their minds.

Of course, you may find some other video types that also work great for the decision stage, such as review videos, FAQ videos, and more. Have you already tried any of these? We'd love to get your feedback!


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