Do you have a mobile app and want to promote it with an engaging and cool video?

You've already heard people talking about Wistia, YouTube, and also about Vimeo. Each of these video hosting platforms has its own pros and cons, but today we want to focus on Vimeo. Learn more about this specific site and find out when you should move forward with it!


A Range Of Possibilities

As we were saying, you can find many video hosting sites out there like YouTube or Vimeo( they are often considered to be social networks rather than hosting sites per se). Some others are professional video hosting services with advanced marketing options and analytics dashboards.

In our experience, we always recommend that you use a combination of them. What do we mean? You could use YouTube, for instance, but combine it with a professional video hosting platform, such as Wistia (which is, by the way, the one we use at Yum Yum).

Depending on the target audience you aim for and your specific marketing needs, Vimeo is another great choice. It’s not for nothing that we chose it as the star of today's blog post. Let's dive into the main features of this platform.

Vimeo, The “Artistic” Hosting Site

First thing you have to know is that Vimeo is widely known for its “artistic” idiosyncrasy. On one hand, it's commonly used by niches related to design, movies, art and more. At the same time, it has some kind of elegant and sophisticated touch.

Regarding its main features, the platform has several years operating in the market and has a well established community. Although it has fewer users than YouTube, for instance, it can be a great choice to complement your video marketing strategy and gain more exposure within a qualified community of artistic people.  

When Should You Choose Vimeo As Your Video Hosting Site?

We would  like to share with you some ideas of when you should choose this interesting platform.

#1: If you brand is related to design, movies or arts in general

If you act in the artistic field, you should host your videos in Vimeo. As we were saying, this platform gathers film enthusiasts, designers and artists in general, so it can work as a great display window for your work.


#2: If your target audience is interested in these topics

If you aim to people who are interested in movies, design and animations, go with Vimeo. The community is actually smaller than other video hosting services, but it’s definitely very specific and arts-oriented.

#3: If you want to avoid ads in your videos

Vimeo doesn't run advertisements in any of their videos. So if you want to provide your viewers with “clean” content, Vimeo stands out as a great choice.

#4: If you want to get constructive feedback

Vimeo’s qualified community of artistic people will certainly provide you with constructive feedback rather than commenting “just because”. They are truly interested in what you have to offer and will appreciate your content.


#5: If you want to go with a cleaner layout

If you want your video to be “the star” of the page, without any clutter around the frame, Vimeo is a great option. It has a very clean layout when compared to other video hosting sites.  

#6: If you want to customize your video player

Vimeo gives you the chance to customize the video player just the way you want it to be, you can personalize the logo, the colors, the thumbnails, etc.

#7: If you want to focus on quality content

Don't misunderstand us, we don't want to say that Vimeo has great quality content and the other video hosting sites don't. It's just that it's less likely to get spammed with poorly made content. The platform focuses on high quality videos that meet the needs of the viewers rather than on “popular” or “trendy” videos.

Finally, we also recommend that you to explore the benefits and features of other popular video hosting sites. Go over this article in which we review the main characteristics of YouTube and Wistia.

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