Are you thinking about making an explainer video to enhance your marketing strategy?

Then you should know that a high-quality, well-made script is a must to get the best results. Keep on reading and learn some key tips to evaluate if your explainer video script has everything that it needs to have!


Getting The Basics

Let's start from scratch: what is an explainer video script? First thing you have to know is that an animated marketing video has two main parts: the “content” (this is, the message you want to deliver) and the “form” (how you're going transmit that message, visually). To put it simply: an explainer video script is that message you want to pass out, plus the voice-over that will narrate the story that is being told.

And...why is a video script SO important? Because it defines the main structure of your video. It sets up the foundation for the whole video, and it will be your guide throughout the entire production process.

Tip: to make an effective script, we strongly recommend that you hire a professional video marketing company. Don't try to do it by yourself! They have the expertise, knowledge and skills that are necessary to make it highly effective. You can download this free eBook to get some tips on how to choose the right explainer video company.

This is a good example of what a professional explainer video should look like:



Checklist - Does Your Explainer Video Script Have Everything It Needs?

There are some things that the script needs to have and some other factors that you have to avoid. This checklist will help you evaluate if your video marketing company is doing things the right way.

  • Does it explain how your product solves a specific problem of your target audience?

Remember that this is a marketing resource that needs to be aligned with the needs of your target audience. It needs to be the answer they're looking for. They have to feel connected with the story you're telling. In this sense, talk about the problems they have and how your product can be a good alternative to help them, instead of bragging about the “amazing features” your product has.

  • Is your target audience the main character of the script?

Your target audience has to be “the star” of the script. So try to think about the main characteristics your buyer persona has (age, look, location, how they dress, what they like, and any other detail that makes them unique). and once you have a clear idea about this, ask your video production company to craft the characters of the story. Generating this strong identification from your target audience to the characters that are on screen will make the video much more engaging and memorable.

This video, for instance, represents perfectly the target audience of this brand.



  • Does it follow the “classic” script structure?

A good script should follow a beginning-middle-end structure. This will give it context and make it more understandable than throwing words and images together. In this context, the script should start with the what, it should explain the problem your target audience has. In the middle, it should address how your product can help your prospects solve that problem/need. And, finally, it should explain why your company is the best alternative in the market to help your audience.

Is that all? Of course not! There are some other key aspects you should analyze to see if the script is as good as it could be. Things like including a compelling Call To Action, analyzing the length of the script, and rewriting it to make some optimizations, are some other vital considerations you should bear in mind.

We have compiled all the information you need in our free eBook called “How to write a script for an explainer video”. Download it now and have all the resources you need to evaluate if your video production company is doing a good job!


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