Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-SALES-rain-THUMBEvery explainer video production company claims that animated marketing videos increase sales by 20, 40 and even 60%. But how can you make sure of that?

Today, we’ll reveal the opinions of the main pundits on the web, from Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter developers and Google itself! Stay tuned and find out why explainer videos are the greatest marketing tools!

Let’s begin with a cool animated marketing video first:

Google Shouted Out Loud: Marketing Videos Increase Sales!

Google knows the true power of marketing videos and they’re betting on them.


They’ve recently launched a new feature called video app promo ads for Google Display Network users willing to increase app sales and install rates. Then they made a survey on early adopters and the results were awesome: app installs were increased by almost 30% due to their engaging marketing videos!

And that wasn’t all: marketing videos bore a 40% lower cost-effective rate, compared with other ad formats.

Many startups have already been using animated videos to promote their apps.  Watch this one made by us:


What Does Facebook Have To Say?

Mark Zuckerberg recently claimed: “if you look in the future a lot of the content that people share will be video, and videos fit very well into our newsfeed. These are not wide-eyed words; they’re a direct statement that reveals Facebook plans for 2015: that’s right, video marketing!


Coincidentally, a brand-new study commissioned by Nielsen found that Facebook marketing videos over the first 10 seconds:

● Increase brand awareness from 32% to 65%.

● Boost purchase intent from 44% to 72%.

● Enhance video recall from 47% to 74%.

The results depict a pretty clear scenario, but we’ll soon learn what will be Facebook’s exact course of action. So far, the social network allows a super-expensive video ads program for big brands only, but marketers know that the next move would be to aim for startup and small business video promotion: so get your videos ready for the next big news!


Twitter Hasn’t Spoken; It Took Action!

The Twitter CEO hasn’t given a big conference or anything like it: they took action and turned their efforts towards video marketing!


Considering their sharing rate of over 2,000 tweets with video content per minute, they decided to announce 3 huge changes in their network:

● Promoted Video Ads: last year, Twitter allowed advertisers to promote their marketing videos on their followers’ timelines and then measure their impact with video analytics.

● Native Video Player: a few months ago, Twitter launched their own video player for brands to upload and edit up-to-10-minute videos with no size limit.

● Video Embedding: recently, they added the embed option so that advertisers can take their videos from Twitter and place them on their websites without the need of another video host. 

These announcements were made to encourage video marketing strategies on their network: a solid proof of marketing videos’ potential on social media.


But why do strictly animated explainer videos increase sales?


1. The Perfect Pitch Every Time

These animated marketing videos can explain any product or service in seconds and in a great, brief and fun way. They engage the viewers and turn them into potential customers in no time.

2. Personal Approach

The use of custom-made animated characters and backgrounds, brand colors and a great story grow empathy and identification within your potential customers. All of this generates trust in your company and delivers a personal approach, reflected in your marketing objectives.

3. Online Visibility

By placing a great animated video on your website, people feel compelled to watch it and remain longer on that site (up to 2 minutes on average). This makes Google take your site as of interest and rank it higher in its search engine, which leads more and more people to find your brand on the web. Besides, these marketing videos work great on social media (we’ve left that pretty clear)!

All of these benefits make animated explainer videos the greatest marketing tool to boost your sales. So what are you waiting for to make a neat one for your business?


If you’re interested, we have free educational content about animated video production, scriptwriting, promotion and video SEO strategies: all you need to do is visit our Explainer Video Academy and get our eBooks, infographics and slides. Good luck!

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