You’ve chosen the perfect explainer video style and now you’re all excited about high-quality animations and premium explainer videos. you know how you’ll be creating your video? Or, even more importantly: do you know who will be creating it?

Choosing an explainer video production company is a big business decision: you want to find one that knows what they’re doing, and that gives you the best custom and high-quality explainer video. But there are a lot of options! How can you choose between them?

Let me give you some tips so you can get started!

#1 Consider your budget

There are many explainer video companies out there, and depending on what they offer, their prices will vary. So, how much are you willing to spend on that explainer video you’re dreaming of?

If you need to keep a low budget, there are options for you. Some production companies offer pre-defined animations, which is a good place to start when your budget is really tight, but it may not be the right choice for everyone.


Because explainer videos work best when they are created specifically for your needs. This way, you’ll have an explainer video made to fit your company’s tone, brand characteristics and directed towards your specific personas.


Pro Tip: Different explainer video companies have a lot of different prices. Do your research and ask for an estimate: it’s possible to find a good explainer video at an affordable price!

#2 Expertise equals quality

Of course, you want the best explainer video out there. And when you’re looking for quality, you are looking for expertise. You need a skillful company that knows what they’re doing.

How do you find them?

You look at their previous work.

Asking for their portfolio is a must. This way, you’ll see if their previous work matches your needs, if they have high-quality explainer videos, if they’re good at telling stories. Ask yourself: Would I like this video if it was made for me?

And remember, if the company you’re considering is reliable, they will not hesitate in showing you their portfolio. They will actually encourage you to look at it!

#3 Communication

In all relationships (business and personal!) communication is key. The explainer video company that you want is the one that sets an open dialogue with you, and makes you a part of the production process.

If the production company you’re considering has affordable prices, but they don’t have the time to communicate with their clients, let them go. Trust me! Sooner than later, the lack of communication will prove to be a problem.

You want a company that gives you fast and effective answers to all of your questions.

#4 Feedback

Did you know that, on Facebook alone, there are 4 million posts created every minute? This is a fact that can’t be ignored, and you can use this in your favor. How? Read reviews!

It’s incredibly important to look for feedback on the video production company you’re considering.

This comes in the form of video testimonials, of course, but also likes, thumbs up, reviews, ratings, recommendations, messages on their social media accounts, comments on their LinkedIn… If a previous customer liked the company’s work, they’ll be talking about it, so take advantage of that!

I would love to keep talking about this with you, but hey, we could be talking for hours! This is why we’ve prepared a treat for you today, an exclusive free ebook: How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Company for your Business, full of tips and extended info! If you want to know more, go take a look!


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