Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Numbridge-3-THUMBYou´ve probably heard about the importance of making the best animated marketing video you can in order to get the greatest results, and also how important it is to choose the right explainer video company that can help you out in this matter.

The thing is that the whole explainer video production process is just fascinating and we really love doing it! If you´ve ever wondered what´s behind “the magic”, today we´ll solve the enigma.

how-to-do-it-iconAnimated video production for Numbridge

To get in the mood, watch this animated marketing video we’ve developed:

Now, let´s learn how to make an explainer in 7 easy steps!


The script is the “What” and it´s created by a professional script writer. This is one of the most important parts of the video production process as it captures the message you want to deliver to your audience. In order to grab their attention, try to make it simple, short and clear. We recommend that you take a look at our free eBook “How to write an animated marketing video script” to get the full details on how to write an amazing catchy script.

writing-on-notepadAnimated video production for AIMsi


The storyboard is the “How” and it´s usually developed by a director with experience in film and arts and/or graphic design. It´s a sketch of all the main actions that will take place in the video, so it works as a kind of pre-visualization of how the story will develop (like a graphic novel of your video). It also indicates camera movements, shots, transitions, and so on.

Check out this cool storyboard sample of one of our animated videos:

storyboard-animationStoryboard for Digiflare

…and also watch what the resulting video looks like…


The voice-over is the off-screen voice of the narrator behind the video. When choosing a narrator, it´s essential that you hire a native speaker of the country of your target audience to make it more professional and make your audience feel emotionally closer to the voice on the video. If you want to know why a pro voice-over is so important in the animated explainer video production process, check out this article.

voice-over-animation-charactersAnimated video production for Numbridge


Style frames are high-resolution images based on storyboard frames. Imagine that you have your video finished and that you take pictures of it…these still images will help you to have a preview of the true quality of the final video before it´s done.

style-frame-and-storyboardStoryboard/style frame for Gigtown


This involves the graphic elements that will be used in the video and that will be animated afterwards, such as characters, typographies and backgrounds, which all depend on the video style you choose. Look at these rocking character designs from one of our videos:

illustration-background-animationBackground illustration for TortillaLand


At this stage, each character and graphic element come in motion. A team of expert animators are responsible for bringing the graphic assets to life.  When animating the characters, it´s vital to keep a professional style in order to make them look lively and as human as possible. Animation is usually one of the stages that takes more time to  finalize. To learn more about video production timing, read this article.


The last step is editing the music, mixing sound effects and making some final audio adjustments to reinforce the outcome and make the message clear for your audience. Sometimes, sounds and music are as relevant as the video itself.

And that´s it! To finish, we pose a challenge…check out this video as a good example of the high quality video production process and try to identify each of the stages and elements we´ve mentioned before…

Now that you have all of these tools, you’re probably thirsty for more knowledge, so go to our Animated Video Academy, where you’ll find eBooks, infographics and slides. Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips.

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