Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-APPIER-frame-ThumbHow is an explainer video made? How long does video production take? Which are the main stages to craft a quality explainer video? Today we’ll reveal all of our secrets; so grab a pen, a cup of coffee and let’s start!

To begin, watch this animated marketing video of ours. It was selected by Hubspot as one of the best explainer videos out there:

Now stick to the point: a professional custom explainer video has many production stages (with several experts in each area). Let’s learn about each one of them in detail with a few examples and some great educational resources:


1. The Essentials (Creative Brief)

Before even making a marketing video, you should know exactly which kind of audience you’re addressing, what you want to achieve with the video, and where you’re going to showcase it on the Internet.

A professional explainer video company will usually have a meeting with you before starting the video production process and also make sure you fill out a creative brief to outline your business idea, your marketing goals and target audience. This process is essential in order to make a professional explainer video from scratch!


2. The Script

The script is the message you want to give to your audience. There are lots of writing tricks and structures to follow but to sum it up, a good animated video script should be simple, short and have a clear-cut story so to keep the audience's attention (the wise use of metaphors is a good idea too).  Learn all about marketing video scriptwriting inside our handy free eBook: “How to Write an Explainer Video Script”.

Here's a fine sample of an animated video script:



3. The Storyboard

The storyboard describes the actions (what happens) and the visual aspects of the video. To put it simply, it’s like a comic strip of your video. The storyboard also indicates camera shots and transitions, so it’s a vital step to know what everything will look like at the end.



4. Voice-Over

Almost every animated marketing video uses a voice to narrate the script over the video. It’s vital to hire a professional voice actor that’s also a native speaker (of the country of the target audience) to do so. If not, people won’t feel comfortable or emotionally close to the voice on the video. Learn why pro voice-overs matter inside this article.


5. Style Frames

Style frames are high-resolution images based on storyboard frames. They’re like still pictures of the video that act as a preview, in order to visualize the final quality of the video way before it’s done:



6. Illustrations / Designs

Once all of the previous stages are done, professional illustrators draw every graphic element to be used in the video. Every one of them will depend on the video style chosen.



7. Animation

Once the illustrations are all done, and with the guide of storyboard frames and voice-over recordings, professional animators are set to put the animated video in motion. In this stage, professional animation is vital in order to make characters look lively and human.


8. Music and Sound FX

In the final stage, sound experts adjust the audio part of the video. It’s time to edit and mix the voice-over recording, the background music and the sound FX together. Many times, the sounds and music are as important as the video itself.

Now here’s what the animated explainer video looks like at the end of the video production process:


But how long does explainer video production take?

Well, this varies on every explainer video company and on every single project. But average video production time runs between 6 to 8 weeks.


Of course, there are some video companies that can make a video in a week or even in 3 days’ time. But he most likely case is that this video won’t be a custom animated video but a template video instead.

Template videos are not very professional and, despite being fast and cheap to produce, they can be quite counterproductive to your marketing goals (read more about this vital difference in our template vs. custom animated videos piece).


Well, now you’ve learned all the basics about marketing video production! So do we start now? Ask for a free quote! Aren’t quite sure yet? Ok, you may need to learn more about it: visit our Explainer Video Academy, and get lots of free educational content to boost your video marketing campaigns.

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