Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Custom-EV-THUMBAnimated explainer videos have quickly become the option to choose for online advertising, because they’re great at explaining pretty much any business concept in a short amount of time and in a really entertaining way.

But before you begin to think of your own explainer video, you must know that they can be done in two very different ways: by using template animation or by making a fully-custom animated video. Depending on which one you choose, the results can be either phenomenal or sort of disappointing.

For example, here’s a custom animated marketing video of ours:

To learn which would be the best explainer video, and to choose the one that suits you correctly, keep on reading to find out the differences.


Template Animated Videos: Zero Identification

Template animated videos are the easiest to craft and the cheapest to buy. So far this sounds perfectly fine, but the tricky part comes at the moment of actually “designing” your video to make it fit your marketing objectives.

Note that, as its name suggests, template videos are composed by predesigned elements that probably were created a long time ago. This means characters and designs were made for other products or services, which are for sure very different from yours and were also used over and over again, making of your animated video something totally impersonalized.


Additionally, nobody would be surprised by a non-customized video and it’s very likely people will stop watching it right away, because it’d be obvious that it wasn’t made for them.

Bear in mind that your animated marketing video will stand for your brand all over the web and will probably be the first contact you’ll ever have with your audience. Therefore, a bad video would generate a bad first impression that may lead you to a major loss of potential customers that could be hard and expensive to reverse.


Custom Explainer Videos - Full Creative License

When it comes to custom animated videos the sky is the limit! You may think we’re exaggerating, but we assure you we’re not, because here you’ll have no boundaries. You can even turn a marketer into an ultimate data ninja! Like we did in this fun one over here:



These videos aren’t only made by a specialized explainer video production company, with a team that carefully takes care of every part of your project; they also have a much higher quality and are usually a lot more sophisticated.

With a custom marketing video (backed by a team of professionals) you are the one who decides what the animated characters will look like, what are they going to do and where are they going to be. And of course, that same group of professionals will bring the ideas to the table and you’ll only have to choose the ones you like the most or the ones that best fit your business.

In order to make this custom animated video work, we needed the animated characters to truly represent the target audience (20-to-30 young music fans) so we crafted these cool ones:


And then we made them come alive, creating a fun and engaging story for them and explaining how the app works at the same time:


With a custom-made animated marketing video, you don’t have settle on what is already predesigned because you have a whole world of possibilities that will make your video quite unique, like for example a voice-over exclusively recorded to fit with your audience and the use of the right colors to go with brand.

In this short and fun animated marketing video, for example, we hired a British voice-over talent to fit the UK-based audience. We also carefully chose the color pallet to match the brand identity:

But perhaps the best thing about customization is that it leads to high audience engagement because the viewers can instantly identify with the characters, scenarios and stories that had been designed exclusively for them.

You can tailor your whole video and aim every little detail towards your marketing objectives!


Don´t Waste Your Money

Yes, custom animated videos are more expensive than template videos, but they’re worth every penny because customization gives you way bigger rewards which will be reflected by your conversions and sales! And all of this will make your ROI (return on investment) be much more profitable than all the money you can save with a template video.


To sum it all up, our advice is: don’t waste your money on template animations; make a fully-custom animated video instead and watch your marketing campaign skyrocket!

To learn more about custom-made animated marketing videos and their different styles, visit our Explainer Video Academy and download our free eBooks and infographics to help you out! Or else, keep browsing our daily blog and get the best explainer video production tips.

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