Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-with-yyv-THUMBSo, you’ve decided to have a whiteboard video made and promote your brand across the web. That’s actually a great idea! Whiteboard animation is one of the best explainer video styles due to their engaging nature and great synthesis power.

Now would you take a minute and see why you should make one with us?

With hundreds of animated explainer videos made for over 20 different countries, at Yum Yum Videos we’ve mastered the art of whiteboard animation, adding the expert touch that could make your whiteboard video really stand out among the rest!

Watch one of our best whiteboard explainer videos first to check our quality video animation and then read all of our perks:


Here’s a list with the greatest advantages you will get by making your whiteboard video with our explainer video company:


1. Right On The Spot!

We tailor our whiteboard videos in order to engage your specific target audience.

We put our best foot forward in custom designs and powerful visual metaphors to help synthesize your business idea, all supported by a solid script written by professionals.

Watch this whiteboard animated video of ours and check out the many metaphors and visual elements used to promote this particular online service and engage their specific target audience:


2. Full Engagement

Every one of our whiteboard videos is animated in the best quality so that your potential customers can’t take their eyes away from it.

We create lively animated characters your audience can identify with, and make them more excited to watch the video all the way through.

In this one, for example, you can watch the story of Steve and learn about the click-fraud detecting service at the same time, all in a fun and engaging way:


3. The Best Quality at an Affordable Price

When talking about quality, we are among the best explainer video production companies in the market, and that’s something you can check for yourself (here’s our portfolio). Nevertheless, our pricing is way more affordable than many other video companies’. Give us a call and find out!

Now if you want to learn more about whiteboard animation and animated videos, visit our Explainer Video Academy and go through our entire catalogue of educational eBooks, infographics and slides. Or else keep browsing our blog and get the best explainer video production tips every day.

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