Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-CTA-BUTTON-thumbnailMost marketing campaigns drive their prospects towards an objective: to purchase a product or service, share content on social media, download a free demo or subscribe to a mailing list. If you want your visitors to actually do any of these, you need to kindly encourage them to do so: this is called a call-to-action.


And guess what; one of the greatest ways to lead your audience to act is through using video content! So today I’ll give you some advice on how to use a call-to-action in an animated explainer video (the kind of marketing video that explains your product or service in 90 seconds or less) to make your website’s visitors take action!


Place Your Call-To-Action At The End


Every time you have an animated explainer video made, make sure the call-to-action is placed at the end, so that people don’t get lost and know exactly what to do immediately after watching your video. See a clear example at the end of one of our marketing videos:

Bear in mind that your call-to-action should lead to a clear decision (purchase, click, download, etc). If you rush it and place it too soon in the video, people might find your video too aggressive or ‘salesy’ and you probably won’t be able to convert your prospects to clients.


Use Just One Call-To-Action


Don’t try to make multiple calls-to-action in the same explainer video because you’ll confuse your potential customers! Your call-to-action must be as clear as possible, so (depending on your marketing objective) you will have to choose whether you want them to subscribe, download or click on your content. Pay attention at the direct call-to-action at the end of this cute marketing video:

However, you can make an A/B split test from versions of the same explainer video with different calls-to-action at the end, in order to find out which one suits your audience better. Some production companies offer this as a useful marketing strategy to check a video’s performance.


Add Attractive Call-To-Action Buttons


Once your potential customers have watched your animated explainer video all the way through, you need to show them where to take action. Place a compelling call-to-action button at the end of the video (some video hosting services offer you several options to create one) and also a visually attractive one in your landing page next to your video, so that your visitors don’t get distracted and click on it right away.

Make the call-to-action button on your website shiny and bright, find the most appealing colors, size and shape for it so that it can stand out and no one will miss it. I assure you that a nice button will lead directly to higher conversions!


And then take this advice to experience how a neat and clear call-to-action on your explainer video can actually make a difference in converting your visitors.

Oh, and one more thing; don’t forget, it’s always vital to keep your social media and email marketing campaigns running to help that awesome call to action on your video and landing pages get the results you’re looking for. If you need more advice in the video marketing field, download our latest free eBook “Explainer Videos: The Ultimate Marketing Tool” and you’ll get plenty of explainer video tips to boost every one of your online campaigns:

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