They say it’s always sunny in California! So when McKesson Corporation invited us to document their experience working with us, we didn’t doubt for a second and booked our tickets to San Francisco.

Meet Samar Mahbouba, their Marketing Project Manager, and find out for yourself why they are so happy with their tailor-made explainer video.


McKesson Corporation is a Fortune 500 company that distributes pharmaceuticals at a retail sales level and provides health information technology, medical supplies, and care management tools. After coming up with an innovative product called Health Mart, they asked themselves: “How can we tell our customers what a great a tool it is without the hassle of long, boring explanations?”

That’s when they contacted Yum Yum Videos! The challenge was creating an explainer video that communicates what Health Mart is all about through a quick and efficient approach. It consists of quite a complex tool that offers a complete picture of independent pharmacies’ main activities, including financial, clinical, operational and marketing data. For that reason, we decided to create a custom whiteboard animation video: as information is explained as it is presented on screen, it has a didactic and entertaining approach.

As you can see, by focusing on the professional’s problems when dealing with their pharmacy, Health Mart comes by as the optimal solution that makes day to day challenges easier.

Not only did the people at McKesson love their video, they also thoroughly enjoyed the production process. See what Samar Mahbouba, McKesson Corporation’s Marketing Project Manager, has to say about their experience working with Yum Yum Videos:

As you can see, making a custom explainer video can be easy and smooth if you feel comfortable working with the professionals behind it. Through a comprehensive understanding of their target audience and the benefits of the platform, we managed to make a creative and engaging script that was the backbone of the final explainer video. Not only did our client love the end result, but their viewers did as well.

Maybe that’s why McKesson is showing their brand new video all over the place! They presented it at their Annual Trade Show, they showed it to their customers and the Sales Team loved it so much, they are planning on using it as a resource to communicate too.

Health Mart’s success is ours too, so we would like to thank Samar Mahbouba and all the people at McKesson for trusting us with their content marketing needs and for giving us some of their precious time to film this testimonial. We really enjoyed working with you too!

How do you see your business with a tailor-made explainer video? We see it reaching the stars! ☺ If you are curious about how videos can help you exceed your marketing expectations next year, drop us a line. We love new challenges and it will be fun to see how we can help!

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