Animated explainer videos have quickly become the favorite marketing tool for many people, from marketers to business owners.

And this is not in vain because explainer videos have multiple benefits. One of them is that they can help you improve your marketing campaign so that you can enhance your branding!

The question is how to do it? Keep on reading to find out!

The emphasis should be on your audience

Yes, you are the one who is making the explainer video, but it’s directed to your audience. This means the emphasis should always be on them. So leave your ego and narcissism outside the door in order to truly be successful.

It’s not that you can’t talk about your product features. You can. But in a demure way, so don’t over saturate your video with information about how great your brand is. Focus on your audience, their problem and afterwards on how you can solve it.

This way, your viewers will feel empathy towards your brand, because it will be seen as though it concerns them and not that it’s just trying to sell something.

Watch here how we didn’t mention our client’s name until second 28:



Know your audience and show it!

You target audience are the important ones, because if you please them and make them identify with your brand, then it will be easier to achieve your marketing objectives.

Plus, if you want to be a good seller, you have to know your customers and not only that, but also let them be acknowledged of it. For this to happen, be clear in your explainer video that you know the problem they have and that you can solve it.

Always remember to design characters that resemble your brand, with similar jobs, ages and problems. This will generate viewer’s identification and an emotional bond will be created, therefore your audience will recall your brand even months after watching the video.

See here how we customized the characters to make them resemble the target audience:

Use your brand colors wisely

You have a great storyline and cute loveable characters but what’s missing? The visual elements! Design them in a way that the brand, without naming it, be present throughout the video. Remember, we want your audience to know by heart that you’re the one behind that awesome marketing video!

To do this, include the colors of your brand in specific key spots, like this, the viewers will relate that cute story they just saw with your brand, and the video will stay in their minds for much longer, generating brand awareness.

A perfect example of how to spread your brand colors everywhere around is in this TV commercial we made for a food company, where the warm colors of the logo are use in the landscapes and characters:

Online identity

If you follow all the previous pieces of advice, then you’ll be able to enhance your branding, but there is one more thing you can do to effectively reach your marketing objectives and that is to create your own online identity.

This works perfectly great for online business, but even if your company is not online based, it’s always important to have a presence on the Internet.

To create your online identity, use the colors of your brand in all of your marketing campaigns, place your animated characters in your website’s headers and banners, share your marketing video on social networks and upload it to YouTube, to your landing page and other people’s websites.

One of our clients did this same thing. They used an animated marketing video and its characters as a vital part of Ubiety's website design. Watch the video here:

By following all of this, we’re sure your branding will improve significantly and you will not only increase sales but also your conversion rates!

Now if you want to learn how to make the best explainer video, enter our Explainer Video Academy, where we share with you free educational eBooks, cool infographics and slides!


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