Explainer videos are a great tool if you're thinking about attracting qualified leads.

They have a lot of benefits that fit perfectly with the needs of your prospects at such a critical moment, when they find themselves evaluating different alternatives in the market - in other words, the best solution to their problem. Discover the power of explainer videos and why they are a terrific resource to boost your inbound marketing strategy!


Understanding The Buyer's Consideration Stage

Concepts such as “inbound marketing”, “buyer's journey”, “consideration stage”, “content marketing” and many others are highly used in the marketing world nowadays. But maybe you still have some doubts about what they exactly mean or refer to. Take a look at this helpful video in which we give you the big picture on what inbound marketing is, while we also explain to you some other important concepts you have to be aware of.

In particular, explainer videos fit perfectly with the consideration stage. Keep in mind that at this point your prospects are evaluating the different options they find in the market and are searching for the best solution to their problems. If you can use an engaging, memorable and attractive format that quickly grabs their attention with catchy visuals and stunning animations...why not take advantage of that? You couldn't ask for more! Explainer videos are the answer. Again.

Explainer Videos: A Great Tool To Increase Your Qualified Leads

As we were saying, animated marketing videos have some unique characteristics that make them a very useful tool to use in the consideration stage. They are informative, but also educative, brief, persuasive, appealing, and memorable. They give you the chance to explain to your target audience who you are and what you do in a very friendly format, loved by everyone.

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Remember that at this stage, your prospect is not ready to buy yet, but they are willing to listen to your offer. So why not make a stunning explainer video that briefly illustrates how you can help them?

This is a good example of how an explainer video can succinctly explain what the product is about, how the company can help their prospects, and explain why they are the best alternative in the market.

Now, it's time to sum up some of the main reasons why animated marketing videos can become a huge tool to increase your qualified leads.

#1: Your business idea, in just a few seconds

On average, explainer videos last no more than 90 seconds. As you can see, it's a very short time in which you can explain in a persuasive and compelling way how you can help your prospects with their needs.

#2: Instantly grab your audience's attention

Animated marketing videos are attractive, enticing and lovable per se. If your prospects are considering different alternatives in the market, what could be better than providing them with the information they're looking for, by using a fast, simple and engaging format? This type of video is so catchy that it quickly grabs your audience's attention and keeps it for many seconds, encouraging them to stay longer on your site.

#3: The power of custom video content

By crafting the characters of your videos with having your target audience in mind, and by applying the colors of your brand's palette in the background and landscapes, you will be enhancing their connection towards the story you're telling, and you will be able to create a closer approach to them. This is highly important as it will help you have a special place in your prospect's minds...and hearts.  

Finally, to complement this reading, we suggest that you go over these actionable stats from Hubspot's Inbound 2016 Report

Stay tuned for more tips and trends on video marketing!


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