Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-STEP-BY-STEP-thumbAnimated explainer videos are not just run-of-the-mill videos; they’re powerful marketing tools that can explain any product or service in a few seconds. It’s proven that they increase any online company’s conversions and sales, among many other marketing benefits. That’s awesome, but can you show me how are they made?

At Yum Yum Videos we’ve gathered some expertise in this industry because we’ve produced a few animated marketing videos (actually -ahem- over 200 of them!), so we’ve put our knowledge together and crafted this neat infographic for you to easily learn every step of the explainer video production process, from the initial scriptwriting to the final video wrap-up. Check it out:


See? A great marketing video is not magic but hard work instead; that’s why we always recommend for each step to be done by a professional for each particular area. Whether you’re having your animated marketing videos made by a professional explainer video production company, an independent designer or simply by yourself, this neat infographic will help you to learn how the work is done, what to expect in each step, and how to check the video making process before it’s complete.

Then go and make the best marketing video for your brand and start converting like crazy!

Now if you’d like some further advice about video marketing, get our eBooks, slides and other infographics inside our Explainer Video Academy: the first online spot dedicated exclusively to deliver free educational content about video marketing and animated explainer videos.

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