Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-HOME-ALONE-thumbI bet the headline scared you a little, huh? Let me explain it.

Animated explainer videos are one of the greatest marketing tools to communicate any business idea; in just 90 seconds they explain your product or service in an engaging way like no other. The thing is, many times the story on the video focuses on the brand features and tends to  overlook its customers.

This is one of the most common explainer video mistakes!


On the Internet, people are always looking for the solution to a problem (from finding a good chicken recipe to meeting an investor for a new chicken restaurant). You should not focus on your brand in your explainer video story, but on the problems that your brand can solve with your products or services.

But how do you avoid falling for an egocentric video? Here’s some useful advice:




You need to know how to give your audience what they’re looking for. It’s vital to define which exact problem your product or service is going to solve. By helping the viewer with their problems, you’ll easily turn your audience into your brand’s promoters and they’ll learn to love your brand! But the key here is to get a fun, attractive and nicely crafted animated explainer video to do the job for you.




Today’s marketing is based on human relationships, not robot branding. Keeping that in mind, our second piece of advice to you is to talk to your potential customers in their own language, like real people! If you communicate with them like a human being (you are a human being, right?) they will identify with your story easily. A great way to achieve this is by crafting the characters in your animated video to make them look like your audience. You can do this by dressing them, make them talk or walk, or even make them visit the same places that your audience does.




There’s a rule that never fails in the story of an animated explainer video: that is, to focus on your audience and deal with their problems at the beginning. This always leads to engagement and makes them want to watch the video all the way through. Only then, at the end of your explainer video, you can lead to why they need to choose your brand above others and explain what you have to offer them. It’s also important at the end of the video to include a strong and direct call-to-action which tells them to do a precise action after they watch the video: whether it’s subscribing, liking your brand on Facebook or buying a product.


Making an animated explainer video is not about showing off how big your brand is, but humbly showing how you can help your audience. We guarantee that this way you’ll turn your viewers not just into your customers but also into your friends and fans!

Overall, your explainer video motto should be: “Your problems come first, and my brand is here to solve them”.


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