Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-APPIER-9-THUMBThinking about a superhero that can rescue your company from the bad guys and protect it from death? No Superman, Hulk or Human Torch required. 

Your key ally is closer than you think…It's called an “explainer video” and it can become your official savior, preventing your company from falling into the black hole of ignorance and obscurity.

Well…we're in the real world, it's true… No magic powers on this side. But honestly, animated marketing videos can bring huge profits to your business if you do things right and bear some considerations in mind.

thor-animated-cartoonAnimated video production for Appier

Want to rule the visibility, conversion rates and branding of your company in a cost-effective and easy way, all in one? Try creating an animated video and experience all of these benefits by yourself! Read a few more paragraphs to learn more…


An animated marketing video is a great resource for your company to use in order to gain visibility and exposure, as it empowers your SEO strategy – this is, it helps your website to rank better in Google's search. Embedding an animated explainer video in your home page grabs your audience's attention in such an engaging and catchy way that visitors can spend up to 2 minutes on average on your site (actually people spend no more than 8 seconds on a site, in general). Have you analyzed these numbers? It results in a 1500% increase of spent-on-site time!  And Google's algorithm loves this…

At the same time, animated videos help your company gain visibility in YouTube as well. (YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, so you shouldn't underestimate its power…). It's also really important that your video gets to the first position in YouTube to maximize its reach. Download our free eBook "How to rank #1 on YouTube" to learn the best strategies!

magnifying-glass-solution-answerAnimated video production for Direct Surety

There's more…animated marketing videos are the easiest form of content to share on social media, so take this chance to enhance your marketing campaigns. People love watching fun and engaging stories and share them with their peers!


As we were saying…when more and more people start coming to your site, you increase your chances of exhibiting your product and consequently your chances of increasing conversions and sales. Talking about specific figures: animated marketing videos can help you grow conversions by 20% on average!

The fact that animated video productions are persuasive helps a lot to conduct visitors through the sales funnel. They not only help you attract new customers, but also encourage them to consider your offer…and finally buy your product (just what you're looking for…). Learn more about the power of video marketing and how to attract, explain and sell using video!

Watch this colorful and fun video to have a general idea of how engaging and compelling an animated explainer video production can be:


With animated videos, you can also build brand awareness in a practical, modern, appealing and fun way! You're giving your visitors what they want, the way they want it! To maximize the effect animated explainer videos can generate in your audience, we recommend that you always make a customized animated marketing video that includes the colors and style of your brand in every element (characters, backgrounds, animations, and so on). Focus on your target audience as the main character of the story: craft animated characters that look like them. Hence, your potential customers will feel identified with your brand, the problem that you're presenting…and the solution you're offering.

Applying your brand identity to your video (and all marketing materials, of course) will generate trust and identification within your audience and this will end up setting an emotional bond between you and them. And that's not a minor detail….they can even turn into your promoters and brand ambassadors, and in the business world nothing can be better than having a customer as a salesperson!

brand-love-animated-cartoonVideo production: What is the best animated video style for your business?

Surprised with the power of animated videos? Download our free eBook "How to improve your marketing campaign with an animated video" and learn more about its benefits! You can also download our infographic "Why animated videos are the greatest marketing tool" to understand why video content is such a great alternative to boost your marketing campaign.

If you're interested in diving deeper, visit our Animated Video Academy to access the best explainer video production tips! 

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