Hey marketer, you've probably heard about “ranking #0”. You might think this is a new concept but it has been around  for more than two years!

And here's the good part: you can take advantage of it to give more visibility to your marketing content. Want to learn more? This article is perfect for you...keep on reading!

What Does Ranking 0 Mean?

What we want to talk about is “Featured Snippets”. I'm sure you've seen them many times when doing a search on Google. Typically, Featured Snippets contain an extracted answer, a display title and a URL. They can also have an image, bulleted lists, and simple tables. Here is an example:



Basically, it's a promoted organic result. But the question is: why is it called ranking zero? Well, it's just because it appears above the traditional #1 ranking position. In other words, they “beat” #1.

But there's more: in some cases, what used to be #1 could turn into #3, when the box of “related questions” appears. Check out this example:


So, it comes as the first thing you see (ranking zero), in second place, the related questions, and in third place, the traditional organic results.

Why Are Featured Snippets Important?

Featured Snippets offer you a huge organic opportunity to promote your content. So if you haven't tried it yet, you should start investing some time and energy to try to “rank #0”.  And I have some compelling reasons for you to do so:

  • The Featured Snippet doesn't always come from the #1 organic results, BUT if you rank #0 you are ALWAYS listed twice on the first page of the results.
  • Featured Snippets are gaining ground: according to MOZ, in the past year, they have more than doubled in prevalence.
  • They can boost CTR in some cases. Hubspot carried out a study that showed that ranking #0 produced a 114% CTR boost, even when they already held the #1 organic position. Pretty amazing, right?

So...how can you get one? Keep on reading…


5 Tips To Rank #0 On Google's First Page

Before sharing  some valuable recommendations with you on how to get a Featured Snippet on Google, bear in mind these key considerations:

  • To get a Featured Snippet, first you have to rank organically on the first page of the results (yes, marketing videos too).
  • You need to create content that effectively targets the specific question. In this particular case your animated explainer video must be uploaded on YouTube.

And now, the tactic thing… follow these suggestions that will help you rank your video in the Featured Snippet section.

  • #1: Research keywords: first thing you have to do is quick research of the main keywords you're ranking for in your current SEO campaign. And, of course, think of how many of them are question-based queries. This will help you get the big picture of where you're currently ranking and how you can enhance your content to rank #0. Once you figured this out, those keywords must be all over the description and title of your marketing video.
  • #2 Identify the questions: with those keywords from tip #1 in mind, search for the most frequently asked questions by your users, and that have to do with those keywords and your niche. You can resort to websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers and so on. Once you have selected the question, the best thing to do is that you use it as your explainer video title.
  • #3: Choose the types of questions: try to focus on questions that start with “Why”, “How”, and “How to”. These three work great for Featured Snippets, as they offer a summary that works as a teaser for a longer answer (for which they will go to your site ;)). “What” is another option, but consider that common words will produce a dictionary entry and will be detrimental for your efforts. Also, keep in mind that a Featured Snippet can have an implied “What” or “How”.
  • #4: Include the questions in your website: add the questions you've chosen to different pages of your website. Try to include the questions in H1 or H2 headers to grab the attention of the readers.
  • #5: Provide your readers with a clear answer: try to stick to the specific answer they're looking for, from a neutral and objective point of view. Answer your question in the first paragraph on the description of your video.  

...and this is just to start, but we will certainly share with you more valuable tips on how to rank #0 with your content.

Meanwhile, you can surf our SEO strategy section for more interesting information! Stay tuned!


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