Think about this:

Could a dull, bad quality, and insipid character trigger the same identification, engagement and positive impact as a customized, high quality, and perfectly crafted character?

Premium Character Design Can Be A Game Changer For Your Explainer Video.jpg

Premium character design is the only alternative you have if you want to soak through the screen with a lovely, charming and credible animated character, while taking care of your brand's reputation. Read on and learn why it's such an important resource!

Identification With Your Audience

One of the great benefits of explainer videos is their huge power to trigger different emotions in your target audience. But the only way you can make this happen is by crafting the characters while having in mind their own style. This means that, to get to this level of identification, you need to work on premium character designs that perfectly represent the look, attitude, interests and preferences of your target audience. If you customize the characters of your animated marketing video, you will generate  strong empathy and identification towards the story you're telling and the characters your viewers are seeing on screen.

High Quality = Better Results

If you use template animated characters, they will just look monotonous, stiff, apathetic, cold and lifeless. Your viewers will quickly get bored and distracted.  Conversely, by using custom character designs, you will make sure that those characters look lively, active, warm and represent -from head to toe- your target audience. This is a must if you want your viewers to be entertained and concentrated on the story. Remember: a bad quality animation can incite discomfort and indifference; a high quality animation can hook your viewers and encourage them to watch the whole video, till its end.

Brand's Reputation

This is a premise, your video talks about your product and your brand. If you use template characters with poor quality, you could do some damage to your brand's image and reputation. Have you considered that? Characters are a key element of every animated marketing video. If they're not well-crafted you will end up generating mistrust within your customers and prospects. Think about this: if your video is bad and cheap...what could they expect from your product or service? If you want to take care of your brand's image, then develop premium character designs.


Return On Investment (ROI)

You want your video to be profitable and, of course, you want to use it to complement other marketing initiatives, right? Using template character designs will cost you time, energy and money, and I could bet you would never get the same -great- results as you could if you developed high quality character designs. It’s simple! You need to entertain your audience, generate a strong connection, and trigger some positive emotions to get the most out of your video. You can only get to this point by using premium designs!

Just like you can create custom characters for your explainer video, you can customize many other elements that will play a key role in its overall effectiveness. We've compiled some useful tips on how to customize your marketing video, so that you can experience the great benefits of personalizing your video content. Enjoy them!

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