Alright, video marketing is the future of content marketing, but what if you could make your videos even more smart?

Have you tried using inbound marketing strategies to get new leads? Today we'll show you how you can create valuable content to enhance every stage of your inbound marketing strategy. Read on!

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Getting The Basics

You've probably heard about “inbound marketing” before. This popular strategy is gaining more and more ground, and this is not “just because”: inbound marketing is one of the best cost-effective marketing tools you can find out there!.
Specifically, inbound marketing refers to creating specific marketing content to attract potential customers and lead them through the different stages of the buyer's journey. Ultimately, you aim at attracting qualified prospects and keep them progressing through the funnel, by using different types of valuable content. Well, this is what inbound marketing is all about!



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In particular, video content can give you a huge hand in nurturing your audience with useful information in every stage of the buyer's journey. The interesting thing would be knowing exactly how to create specific video content that can be highly attractive and engaging so as to quickly grab your audience's attention with a compelling message and attractive visuals, and encourage them to take the next step.

That's when we thought about sharing with you some useful tips for producing the perfect video content for your inbound marketing strategy! Keep on reading…

Developing effective Video Content for your Inbound Marketing Strategy

And here we are! Follow these tips to create valuable video content for every stage of the buyer's journey.


#1. Know Your Audience From Head To Toe

If you skip this step, all of your efforts will be in vain. So take some time to fully understand who you're targeting, and the characteristics and needs that they have. To get to that point, first you have to know what you're offering and in which sense your product can help your prospect. After that, think about the main demographics and psychologic characteristics your target audience has, and where you can find them. Review this blog post to learn how to find the right audience for your marketing video!

#2. Analyze Your Audience's Pain Points In Each Stage Of The Buyer's Journey

In line with the previous bullet, you also have to analyze what you can do -specifically- to make your prospect's life easier. So try to identify the main pain points he/she has in each of the buyer's journey stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. The only way to offer them a valuable solution is to know exactly what their problems are.

#3. Set Up A Clear Map Of The Buyer's Journey Of Your Audience

Take some time to understand in depth the buyer's journey of your audience and which topics you can address at each stage. This way you will be able to provide them with the right information (solution), at the right time, and in the right format.


#4. Define Which Types Of Videos You Will Use For Each Stage

Video marketing offers you a wide range of options to approach your target audience in each stage. For each one, you might find a different type of video that better suits your marketing goals. For example, for the awareness stage you can use educational videos, how-to videos, FAQ videos, or inspirational videos. For the consideration stage, explainer videos are a great option. And for the decision stage, you can resort to client testimonials or about us videos.

#5. Produce High-Quality, Custom Videos

Focus on making a high quality custom video if you want to maximize your ROI. If your video is of poor quality, this will end up damaging your brand's image - also, have in mind that if a video is of poor quality, what could your prospects expect from your product? Additionally, by fully customizing your video, you boost your chances of engaging your audience dramatically. Learn more about how you can customize your explainer video here!

You can get more ideas about producing valuable video content! Just read this article on how to plan the best video strategy for your buyer's journey, or else keep surfing our blog to get more inspiration.   

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