Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-MICROPHONE-MOUTH-thumbThere’s no denying it: the voice over is a very important stage in the explainer video production process. Professionalism in this area is essential and today we’d like to highlight its vital importance.


When we say “voice over” we’re actually talking about a voice actor, which is the real person narrating the script over the video.

So let’s find out the main reasons why a professional voice over is so important in an explainer video:


1. Emotion and the Human Touch

Only a professional voice talent can make you feel happiness, compassion or excitement over an animated video. The voice sets the particular mood of the video and adds a human touch to the story. Other options (such as software-generated voice-overs) are a no go. Besides, professional voice actors know exactly how to add the right highs-and-lows, pauses and flow to the story, so they’ll always lead emotions the right way.

Listen how the voice over leads the story and interacts with the main character in this one:


2. Personality

Dull and monotone voices can’t represent any brand the right way, because they tend to push people away instead of grow confidence and identification within themA professional voice talent adds a strong personality and makes your animated video stand out every single time.

Check the personality of the voice over in this animated marketing video:


3. Quality

We always claim that quality makes the difference between a good animated marketing video and a bad one.

An animated explainer video is the marketing tool that represents a company everywhere online, so quality animation can’t be overlooked and neither does a quality voice over!

Let’s watch a high-quality example:

The right tools (from microphones, recording studio and sound mixing software) can really make the difference between a professional marketing video and a lame one.

Likewise, the difference between an amateur and a pro voice talent can be easily distinguished. An amateur voice over makes the video lose quality and authority.


4. Credibility

Potential customers have to trust in the voice talent explanation. Then a native voice over (of the same Country of the target audience) is the right choice to make them feel more comfortable and receptive to the message. A non-native voice over (whether if it’s professional or not) would sound kind of weird to the native ear and generate mistrust.

Hear the difference between an animated video crafted for the US audience and one made for an English audience below:

US-targeted animated marketing video (by Yum Yum Videos)


UK-targeted animated marketing video (by Yum Yum Videos)


Now you’ve learned the true importance of having a professional voice over in an explainer video.

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