Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-MIC-shine-THUMBSince pretty much everything shown in an explainer video is animated, the most human aspect is represented by the voice over.

The importance of having a professional voice over lies in the fact that, what the viewer hears in your video, will bring them closer to the message your company is trying to express.


Let us walk you through the main reasons a professional voice over matters in animated explainer video production:


1. A Voice That Can Touch

The human voice has many powers: it can inspire you, it can make you feel happy, and it can also bring melancholy. Voice over professionals have been trained to cover this wide range of emotions.

This talent enables them to establish a certain mood for your video. These artists also have a good sense of managing their voices in order to give a desired effect: they know when to lower their voices, make pauses and handle them to outline continuity in the story they’re telling.

Notice how the voice over commands the story and even interacts with the main character in this video:




2. Character

The great thing about having a professional voice over talent taking care of your video is that, through their voices, they can inject personality into what they’re saying -they can make the story more fun. If your video is narrated by a complex, interesting and enlightening voice, then your viewers will not only like what they’re seeing, but they can also relate to it, which will help you as far as brand awareness is concerned.

You can check the personality of the voice over in this animated marketing video of ours.




3. It’s About How Good It Sounds 

It is extremely important that when your viewers are watching your video, they become witness to something well made. At the end of the day, your animated marketing video represents your brand. If your visitors are watching something of great quality, then this is the ideal image you’re projecting as a company.

The right explainer video company will help to build that quality brand image.

Let’s watch a high-quality example of one of our best explainer videos:



The quality of the sound your visitors hear depends directly on the quality of the gear being used when the voice over is recorded. It is mandatory that professional equipment is used, and this is only possible if you hire a professional voice over talent. The sound of a great voice will add quality to your video and it will make it even more outstanding.


4. A Voice They Can Believe

Viewers will only turn into potential customers if they trust what they’re watching -and what they’re hearing. The voice your visitors listen to when they watch your animated marketing video needs to feel close to them. That way, they can relate to what they’re seeing, they will realize your brand understands them, and they can ultimately go for what you’re offering.

That’s why the voice over artist needs to be a native speaker of your target audience’s country and a professional in his/her area so to generate trust towards your brand. A professional explainer video company will also help you grow trust within your brand.

Hear the difference between an animated video crafted for the US audience and one made for an English audience below.

Here's a US-targeted animated marketing video:




And here's a short UK-targeted animated video:




We hope you’re now aware of the importance of having a professional voice over in explainer video production. The quality of what your viewers see should be matched to what they’re also hearing.


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