Are you about to start producing your brand new video, the next star of your video marketing campaign?

Hold on! You can't move forward without reading this information first! We have some important tips to share with you before you develop your video...something that could make the difference between the success or failure of your campaign. Grab a cup of coffee and read on!


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Understanding The Context we were saying, you can't move forward without having some contextual information on hand! Before starting with the production of your new video you have to carry on  thorough research about the different aspects that will set the foundation for the whole process. And hey, this also applies for any other communication or marketing initiative you might be carrying out! So, pay attention…

#1: Marketing goals

This might sound obvious, but it's not! You have to be clear on your marketing goals before starting any initiative. Make sure you make them specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and they have a specific due date. This will work as the compass of this fascinating journey :)


#2: Target audience

Knowing your target audience is a must in order to provide them with useful and valuable content. Take some time to analyze specific data such as:

  • Demographics: research information such as age, gender, ethnic background, marital status, occupation, etc.
  • Psychographics: surf their interests, opinions, hobbies,emotions, needs, pain points, and more.
  • Geographics: analyze if there are any specific cultural needs and how you can approach them, based on geographical location.

#3: Behavioural patterns and Topics

Now that you have a clear idea on who you're targeting, try to understand their attitudes, uses and buying habits to the product you offer. For instance, you can assess the influences they have when purchasing your product, how loyal they are towards your brand, what main benefits they see in your product, and any other valuable information.  

Additionally, focus on understanding which topics they can be interested in so that you can align your content with their expectations.


#4: Competition

Looking at your competitors can also give you valuable data to define your strategy. Analyze your competitor's strengths and weaknesses and identify what you can “learn” from that. Understand how they connect with their audiences, what they offer and how they define their brand and their product.

Tip: you might have a clear idea on what your competition is like but try to go a little bit further and also do some research on search engines and social media platforms (especially Facebook and Twitter) so that you can find some more competitors you haven't considered yet.

#5: Your product

We could call these two last bullets “internal research”. Don't assume you already know everything about your product! Introspecting a little bit is always valuable and helps you to have a clear idea on what you have to offer and what your main differentiators are. So: define why your product exists, what problems it solves and how it differentiates from your competitors. Write it, don't just “think about it”. And it will be highly useful when developing every piece of marketing content, trust me!

#6: Previous content

If you have also developed some previous content (and I'm sure you  have!) take some time to audit what has worked best and what things can be improved upon, so that you don´t make the same mistakes. The idea here is to clearly identify what generates more interest and engagement from your audience and which approaches, topics, or formats should be left apart.

We hope this information has been useful! We invite you to keep on surfing our blog for more tips, trends and stats on video marketing.


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