Snapchat is gaining momentum and it can be a good alternative for you to reach a young audience that is full of social media enthusiasts. Should you integrate this innovative app into your video marketing strategy? Keep on reading!



Snapchat is growing stronger and stronger throughout the whole world. What´s the basic concept of this innovative app? It allows users to send a message (images and videos) but the curious thing about this platform is that that message disappears after a short period of time (maximum, 10 seconds), which is predefined by the sender.  

The growth of Snapchat has been astonishing and it promises to keep on entering new markets (currently, the majority of Snapchat users are in the US). In fact, it's one of the fastest-growing social networks. It has an estimated 200 million monthly active users (in comparison, Twitter has 320 million monthly active users). In January 2015, 18% of all US social media users were already using Snapchat ( this figure has grown over the last months).


Snapchat has come to redefine the online market rules and it brings a great opportunity for brands who want to boost their marketing strategies in general, and video marketing campaigns in particular. So, should you use Snapchat for your video marketing strategy?

The first thing you need to know is that, although Snapchat is NOT only for Millennials (people from 18 to 34 years old LOVE video content), three quarters of Snapchat users ARE Millennials. This social network is great to reach young people who are active smartphone users and that are enthusiastic about participating in social networks.

Target audience check-box marked? The second thing you need to evaluate is if Snapchat is aligned with your brand and, specifically, with the message you want to deliver. If the answer is “yes”, the third step consists of thinking about an original and creative marketing strategy with rocking and valuable content for your audience. Now, are you ready to start? Let´s go over some benefits of using Snapchat to enhance your video marketing strategy.



The app provides you with an interesting resource, Snapchat Stories, to get the most out of your creativity and work on different marketing campaigns. With Snapchat Stories you can combine a series of snaps to create a longer piece of content, and your followers will be able to view them as many times as they want, within 24 hours (after that period, the story vanishes). Try to stick to the traditional structure (beginning, middle and end) to make it clear and engaging. If you want, you can also add filters, geofilters, text, emojis, music and even more features.



With Snapchat you're not limited to creating Stories that are just a slideshow presentation or a complete video. You can combine both! And you can even mix in some additional artwork or graphics to make it even more catchy.


So...another great feature of Snapchat is that it gives you the possibility to draw over your videos (or images, of course). Hence, you can differentiate your content in a very special and creative way, making it even more entertaining and engaging (much more than any other video you could place on other social networks).


Just like Instagram or Vine, Snapchat is also ideal to use to capture moments in time: it grants a privilege to spontaneity. Take advantage of it! You don't need to “plan” every single thing that you post, just share what's currently taking place. For example, if you're having an event, you can post the brief moments that take place during the day, or post the behind the scenes events before you go on stage.


On Facebook, Instagram and on many other social sites, people and brands generally post the “right” content, the “best images and videos” of themselves. The logic in the Snapchat world is completely different: you can use it to pass on the true essence of your brand, the real one, not necessarily “the expected one”. It´s your chance to post unique content about your company.


As you can see, Snapchat can be a great alternative to use to add to your video marketing strategy. Just analyze if it fits your brand, message and target audience and get on with it! Don't forget to share your thoughts with us and let us know how it all went!

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