Video content is perfect for providing your potential customers with useful information and help them make their buying decision.

This is a good first step. But did you know that you can also make some specific optimizations to your video in order to get more leads? Today we'll show you some useful techniques that can help you get traffic directly from your video. Enjoy the reading!


How To Optimize Your Video To Get More Leads

We know how it feels to make a search on the web and find lots and lots of different articles, blog posts and tutorials that end up confusing our heads with SO much information. That's why we thought about sharing with you 4 simple tips that you can quickly implement as part of your video marketing strategy. Here we go! 

#1: Including Gates

Including a gate at a specific section of your video can work really well to generate leads. How do they work? Gates are a kind of “barrier” that you include as a condition to start watching your video (if you include it from the very beginning), or to continue watching (if you embed it after a few seconds / minutes). For instance, you can add an email gate from the start to collect the email of your prospects before they can access the content. This is great to “qualify” that lead and understand how much interest he / she has in that content. You can also add, for instance, a form at a specific section of your video, as a condition to access the rest of the content.

#2: Using YouTube cards

If you're using YouTube as your video hosting platform, YouTube cards are a great resource to push some specific information onto your viewers and also to encourage them to take action in the direction you want.

Two important things: the type of card you choose must be aligned with your marketing goals (you can find 6 different types of cards - channel cards, donation cards, fan funding, link cards, poll cards, and video or playlist cards). Secondly, make sure you include a compelling Call To Action in your card, so as to guide your viewers and avoid any distractions or misunderstandings.

Tip: we strongly recommend that you read this special blog post in which we cover how to add YouTube cards to your videos and 3 different ways in which you can use them. It's a must-see! ;)


#3: Leveraging the power of Call To Actions

The trend (but most of all, the highly effective technique) that every marketer follows nowadays is including a strong Call to Action at the end of every piece of content they develop: ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, emails, and more. Video is not the exception.

Always make sure you include a simple, clear and compelling Call To Action at the end of your video so as to lead the prospect in the direction you want. Use it to encourage him/her to take action! If he/she clicks on it and converts, you can consider them as  a qualified lead and know that they are probably truly interested in what you have to offer.  

Tip: not sure on how to use Call To Actions in your marketing videos? In this blog post you'll find all the information you need. 

#4: Optimizing your video's description

Take some time to optimize the description of your video in every platform in which it's uploaded: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or any other. Make sure it's brief enough but also complete enough so as to provide the viewers with a precise description of what they will find in the video. Don't forget to add some specific keywords that can help your video SEO strategy. To get more leads, you have to make sure you include a specific call to action that leads them to fill in a form with the information you need.

Last but not least, don't forget that it's always vital to track the performance of your videos and how each of these tactics is working. That is a must if you want to optimize your return on investment. A good step is complementing different tools that can bring you all the data you need to make smart decisions. Here you have a blog post that will certainly help you out.

Don't forget to keep on surfing our blog for more tips on video marketing!

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