Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WEB-TRAFFIC-THUMB.jpgExplainer videos clarify what your product or service is all about… and that gives you great versatility towards boosting a number of your marketing goals!

If you want to maximize the amazing power that video content has and take advantage of it to enhance your inbound marketing strategy, it's vital that you develop specific video content for each stage of the buyer's journey . Not sure what we're talking about? Keep on reading and learn about the different key stages of the buyer's journey and how you can provide your target audience with valuable video content at the right time and according to their needs.


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The Buyer's Journey

You've probably heard about this concept before. It goes hand in hand with the concept of “inbound marketing”. Inbound marketing is about creating specific marketing content to attract potential customers and lead them through the different stages of their buying experience. Your goal then is to attract qualified prospects and keep them travelling down the funnel, by using different types of valuable content.

Tip: one of the most engaging and shareable forms of marketing content is video, and you can use video content to lead your prospect through each of these stages. We call this “Smart Video Strategy” and in the upcoming weeks you'll learn a lot in our blog about how to apply it and help your business grow.

What about those key stages of the buyer's journey we've been talking about? Basically, you will find 3 key stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Try to picture a funnel in your head and imagine that the Awareness stage is at the top of  it, the Consideration stage is in the middle, and the Decision stage at the bottom. This way you'll be “filtering” qualified leads at their different stages, so you can stay on top of those prospects who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

Understanding the buyer’s journey stages:

  • Awareness: In this stage, your prospect is just starting to become aware of a certain problem. He needs to do some research to put this problem into context.
  • Consideration: Your prospect now has a clear idea of his problem and is analyzing the different means or methods available to solve it.
  • Decision: Your prospect has made up his mind on what the best solution is. In this stage he focuses on compiling all the alternatives (vendors / products) available in the market that can best fit his needs, that will lead him to make the final choice.

The Awareness Stage: How to take advantage of it

Let's go back to the Awareness stage: we said that the prospect carries out some research to put his problem into context. Hence, this is the right time for them to know your name and learn about what you do. But you have to go further than that and  build trust. So, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Make sure you make it simple for them to understand who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.
  • Understand the information they need by answering common questions and objections.
  • Focus on your company / brand, not on your product. You'll have time to talk about it later.

The Importance Of Researching And Planning

Now that you have a clear idea on how to take advantage of the Awareness stage, let us share with you some useful tips so that you can maximize its effectiveness. You have to keep in mind two important concepts: research and planning.


First, you have to understand who your target audience is. It's not just about saying “all of my potential customers”. You need to be more precise and identify them by age, location, look, attitude, needs, etc. You can go over this article in which we go over how to find the right target audience for your marketing video.


It's very important that every video has a measurable goal to be accomplished. This will help you to use the right Call To Action and plan the other key stages of the funnel. It could be to increase your web traffic on “x%” by “x” period of time, it might refer to the number of shares/likes on social media channels, the boost of brand awareness or recall, or any other goal. But the important thing is that you make it specific and measurable.


Another important consideration for the Planning stage is defining your distribution plan, this is where you will post your video so as to give it maximum exposure, among your potential customers, but also among new people. Blogs, websites, social media channels, and forums would all be good options,

Tip: at this point, picking out the video hosting service is a key decision. Review this information to make the right choice!

Hands On Deck! What Type Of Video Content Should You Go For?

And now, the moment of truth! There are many different types of video content you can use for the Awareness stage. Let us share with you some ideas:

Educational videos

You can educate your audience about a specific topic in your niche. This type of video offers valuable content to your prospect and they're also highly shareable. Farmers Insurance, for instance, has launched “15 seconds of smart” online videos.



How-to videos

You can also create a video to show your audience how to solve a specific problem in your niche. Of course, the length of your video will vary on the complexity of the problem you're explaining, but try to keep it brief.



FAQ videos

Another good alternative for the Awareness stage is recording some interviews with members of your team and answering frequently asked questions from your audience.



Inspirational videos (user generated content)

Why not leverage the power of user generated content to inspire your prospects? You can ask your audience to record short videos about their experience with your product. This is a great way to generate buzz while you increase engagement with emotional storytelling of your target audience's peers.

Has this information been useful? Remember that, when developing your video, it's vital that you understand what goals you have in mind and the target audience you are aiming for. Try to be creative, get emotional, be fun… and always -always!- provide your viewers with valuable information that builds trust.

Keep on surfing our blog for more tips on video marketing!

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