Alright, video marketing is the future of content marketing, but what if you could make your videos even more smart?

In the second article of our series on Smart Videos, discover how video content can help your brand in the consideration stage of your buyer’s journey: just when you need to tie the sales knot!


What Is This Thing About a Buyer’s Journey? How Can My Video Strategy Help?

First things first! The concept of a buyer’s journey is based upon the principles of inbound marketing, which point to drawing visitors in, differently than marketers having to go out to get their prospects’ attention. The definitive way to do this is, amongst other factors, by attracting customers to the brand through interesting and helpful content, not plainly persuasive ones like the classic concept that advertising indicates. And how is this achieved? By aligning the content with your customer’s needs, of course.


The secret behind nailing it with your content lies in what we call the consumer decision making process, in other words, the process buyers go through to get to know, assess and ultimately purchase a given product or service.  A typical buyer’s journey involves three stages:

  • Awareness: The buyer realizes they have a problem.
  • Consideration: The buyer defines their problem and looks for options to address it.
  • Decision: The buyer opts for a solution.

This means that, when thinking about making your marketing video, it is essential not only to consider targeting, but also at what stage of the buyer’s journey your prospect is on. In this way, you will be able to create the right video, for the right customer, at the right time and in accordance to your marketing strategy. This is how Smart Video works!

Video Content for The Consideration Stage

Are we on track? If so, you already know in the consideration stage that you should help the buyer research and commit to finding a solution to their problem by creating videos that present different options. But, hey! There are a lot of other businesses who also promise to solve their problem, so be sure to be unique. Stress your brand personality and ensure that it is like no other offer out there.

Key Questions For the Best Consideration Stage Smart Video

1. What Are My Goals?

In this stage of the funnel, you’ve already helped your viewers determine that they have a problem and that you can help them solve it.

This means that, in the consideration stage, you should educate the buyer as they consider different solutions to their problem.

2. What’s My Target Audience?

It is actually the same audience that you communicated with in the awareness stage, but with more information. They are now a captive audience, meaning they are aware of who you are and they want to learn more about you.


3. Where Will I Publish My Video?

In this stage, your leads know who you are and where to find you, so you’ll probably host your marketing video on your website and social channels. As your audience at this stage is keen on knowing more about your business, they will be coming to you for more info.

Okay, So What About My Consideration Stage Video?

If you need pointers on how to address your video script, you should do the following:

  • Educate the buyer. Provide a video that shows that you can solve their problem.
  • Strengthen the relationship between you and your customer by showing them more information about you.

Types of Consideration Stage Videos

There are different ways in which your consideration stage video can be addressed. This will depend, of course, on what you offer and how it can best be highlighted in a marketing video. Some examples include:

  1. Product comparison guides
  2. Expert guides
  3. Live interaction videos

At this stage, you can use keywords like provider, service, tool, appliance and so on.  

Regarding your video style, make sure that you create an engaging video, that catches the attention but also wins hearts. Have you ever known of a dull video listing product features that became viral? Of course not, people want to feel connected, and for that you must be honest.

For example, look how honest MedVisit was when explaining what they’re all about:

While you do this, don’t neglect your brand’s tone of voice and personality. Be distinctive, you are the only one who can solve your customer’s problem with your individual and special solution, so you need to not only explain this, but also emphasize it with uniqueness in the way you communicate.

Take a look at how Triggermail managed to make a distinctive marketing video by clearly communicating product features in a funny and compelling manner:

See how awesome making a Smart Video can be for your business? If you address your customer’s concerns directly and manage to win their hearts, you’ll gain popularity and be one of the options your viewer keeps for the decision stage of their buyer’s journey.

Be sure to keep on learning about explainer videos and how they can take your business to the next level in our Explainer Video Academy, which features tons of content to get you started on the secrets behind compelling and successful marketing videos. See you there!

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