Are you hosting your own videos but you're not sure if that's the best choice?

Or maybe you're about to start promoting your brand new video but still have some doubts on whether you should upload it to your hosting site or if you should use a video hosting service. Well, we're here to help! Today you'll get the answers to questions like: “what is a video hosting service?”, “what is it used for?”, “do I need one for my business?”, and “what are the major benefits of hosting my videos on such services?”. Find all the information below!


Video Hosting Services: What You Need To Know

A video hosting service is a website or software that gives you the possibility to upload and distribute your videos, by using the hosting service's application or API. The video hosting company stores the video on its server. You can embed that video anywhere you want, by using a specific code or link that enables other users to watch it.

Of course, hiring a video hosting service (or not) depends on your marketing goals, the type of business you're running, and some other factors. But from a general point of view, we can say that it's always recommendable to hire one, especially if you want to promote video content on your website, or if video content is a key part of your content strategy (and believe us: it should be! Read this article and learn why).

For instance, at Yum Yum we've been using Wistia for many years (which is among the most popular video hosting sites, together with YouTube and Vimeo) and we really like the features and benefits it provides.

Tip: if you want to learn more about Wistia's advantages review this blog post!


5 Benefits Of Hiring a Video Hosting Service For Business

So... if you decide to go with a video hosting service, the first thing you have to consider is choosing the right vendor, based on your needs. You can review this article to fully understand why it's such an important decision.

Moving forward, hiring this type of service can be highly beneficial. Here we have compiled some of the advantages.

#1: Storage space

If you upload your videos to your web hosting service there might be a point when you exceed the file size that is allowable, or the storage space it offers to you (especially if you do regular backups). You won't find these limitations if you hire a video hosting service.

#2: Customer support

Any video hosting company will provide you with the help and support you may need, so as to make sure you have a very positive experience when using their service.

#3: Community + more visibility

When you host your video with one of these services, you benefit from the popularity they have and the traffic they get. Moreover, they have a robust community of users who tend to like, comment and share the videos, which enhances your reach.


#4: Responsive videos

Video hosting services automatically adapt the format and quality of videos to the type of screen that the viewer is using (PC, smartphones, tablet, etc.). Conversely, if you host your video on your web hosting service you will have to spend a lot of time adapting it for different browsers and devices.

#5: Fast loading videos

Of course, much of it depends on the Internet connection the end-user has. But from a general point of view, if you hire a video hosting service you won't have to deal with slow-loading videos or unexpected pauses during playbacks. If you host it on your web hosting platform this is much more feasible, especially if you host it on one single server with bandwidth limitations.

YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia are three great video hosting platforms that offer interesting (and complementary) features. We strongly recommend that you go over this blog post to fully understand what you can pull out of each service.

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