You've got your precious video done. Awesome. Now it's time to let the magic spread.


Wait...did I say “magic”? Well…it's actually time to let the WORK spread. Many marketers think that, once they have their video done, they just have to upload it and that's it, lay back and watch how the views and leads pile up.

Huge mistake! An explainer video is a marketing tool, and just like any other tool, you really need to promote it and then track its performance to get the most out of it. Would you like to know how you can maximize the power of your video? Follow these tips!

Placing Your Marketing Video In The Best Spots

One of the best ways to promote your marketing video is by setting up a wise distribution plan, which includes a mix of some of the most popular and effective communication channels. Let me give you some ideas:

  • - Your homepage / landing page: Placing your video above the fold in your homepage or landing page will maximize its visibility and consequently your time on page metric, engagement and conversions.
  • - Social media platforms: You can make use of different social media networks to spread your word and reach a wider audience.
  • - Press Releases: Writing a press release is still an effective tactic to give exposure to your video. Don't underestimate this, but research carefully which PR websites can be useful and, most of all, not spammy.  
  • - Newsletter: Click through rates and open rates can boost dramatically if you include a video in your newsletter.
  • - Paid Ads: Paid advertising can help you gain more visibility in a quite short period of time, and let you track the performance of your campaign.
  • - Guest blogging: If you have a really good animated explainer video (as you should), promoting it on other sites and blogs can be a pretty good strategy, both for reach and link building. Remember, it should never be a spammy promotion and make sure you find legitimate blogs and websites in your niche.

Improving Your Video SEO

To make it easier for people to find your video, you have to focus on implementing some video SEO techniques. Have in mind that search engines can't “read” your video, so it's very important that you optimize the text that is associated to your video wherever possible. This way, your potential customers will be able to find your video using search engines, such as Google or YouTube. You might be asking yourself: “how can I make this happen?” Well, when you upload your video to your hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia), make sure you make relevant optimizations to your explainer video’s title, descriptions, tags and CTAs.


Tracking Performance

So far, you have invested money, time and effort into finding the production company for your explainer video, placing it in the best spots and making some SEO adjustments. Not taking the time to measure its performance could make all those efforts worthless! I´m sure you want to know how many people watch your video, how engaged they are, how they interact through comments, likes and shares, and many other metrics. That´s when video analytics come onto the scene. There are many important metrics you can analyze, such as views, watch-time, traffic sources and many others. And the good thing is that most video hosting sites offer powerful analytics dashboards that will help you truly evaluate your video´s performance in multiple ways.

Tip: Would you like to know how we, at Yum Yum, track the impact of youranimated marketing videos? Don't miss this article!

To sum up, explainer videos can be a powerful tool to enhance your marketing strategy, but you really have to know how to use them and where to place them. Basically, what to do with them after the production process is done.


But hey! We still have some secrets that we have not revealed in this blog post! We have tons of information about video marketing to share with you! So, if you want to get more in-depth data on how you can use your video and measure its impact, download our free eBook and get more valuable tips. Hope it helps!

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