Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-STARTUP-dart-THUMBExplainer videos have become a vital marketing tool for any startup. But why exactly? What makes these animated marketing videos the latest marketing trend? What’s their secret? Today we’ll give you 5 undeniable reasons why your startup needs one. Keep reading to find out!

To begin with, here’s a cool animated video example:

Now get your startup ready, here are the 5 big reasons:


1. They explain your product or service in seconds!

We all know how important it is to explain your business idea perfectly and as quickly as possible. These marketing videos deliver the perfect pitch every time, explaining your product or service in just seconds and doing it in a fun and entertaining way. Wow, that’s a big help right there! But wait, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

See how this cute animated marketing video explains a service in only 30 seconds:


2. They boost all of your marketing campaigns

When people watch your video, they stay for longer on your site. This helps your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy because search engines like Google or Bing consider your website of interest and rank it higher on their users’ searches, making more people find your website and your video easily.


Besides, animated marketing videos are great content to share on social media, actually the best ones on Facebook and they’re also getting stronger on Twitter. They’re great for email marketing campaigns too as they widely increase open rates and click-through-rates. You can use them in guest blog posts too. In short: the more your share your explainer video, more benefits it’ll bring to your startup.


3. They help to build a personal brand

The use of characters, backgrounds and colors of a custom animated marketing video gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level and allows you to show that you truly understand them and that your product has been specially made to solve their problems.


You can work on this on an unconscious level by crafting animated characters that look like your audience, using familiar backgrounds and applying the colors of your brand in the video so that your audience links them to your startup right away.

The results? All of this will grow trust within your potential customers and, as we said, generate a more personal approach, which will be directly reflected in your marketing goals.


4. They make your visitors take action!


The 5th big advantage of these marketing videos is that you can easily place a clear call-to-action to make your viewers actually take action! Whether it’s to download a free trial, purchase a product or subscribe to your newsletter, you should always tell your viewers what to do next.


5. They increase sales (oh yes, they do!)


All the above can be summed up to one important factor: more sales! It’s proven that explainer videos boost conversions by 20% on average. They don’t just explain your product, improve your relationship with your potential customers and help to bring more visitors to your website, they’re also incredibly compelling, which makes your sales and conversions grow higher!


So these are the main reasons why your startup needs an animated explainer video, are you ready to try one now? (Get a free quote right here!)

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