Yum-Yum-Videos-Explainer-Video-Explainer-Video-Styles-Example-THUMBYou would be surprised and marvel over the amazing range of animated explainer video styles you could find out there. Each of them is specially made to meet specific marketing goals and focus on some specific target audience. 

But among that wide range of styles, four of them stand out from the crowd: character animation videos, whiteboard videos, motion graphics videos and 3D animation videos.

Let´s gain a clearer understanding of each one! 


Animated video production "What is the best explainer video style for your business?" by Yum Yum Videos.


We could say this is one of the most popular animated marketing video styles of all. In this type of startup video, the characters are designed and animated to bring emotion and personality to your brand and are crafted in such a way that they grab your audience´s attention very quickly, while also being highly engaging and memorable. In this explainer video style, storytelling plays a key role: the main character (which represents your buyer persona) solves their problem (which represents your audience´s problems) with the help of your product /service. The character animation marketing videos work great for B2C markets, as they  are highly appealing and create a strong emotional bond with the audience, but they can also be used for B2B companies that want to pass out a more friendly and relaxed image.

Check out this example of character animation:


This type of video is highly engaging and grabs your audience´s attention instantly as the story is created in front of the viewer´s eyes. Traditionally, whiteboard videos were crafted by an artist who drew on a whiteboard while being recorded by a camera. As time went by, these videos evolved and became fully digital, adding 2D character animation and even special effects. This animated marketing video style works perfectly for marketing IT solutions, software companies and B2B campaigns due to its educational approach (it explains complex concepts in a very simple way). 


This technique leverages graphic elements, such as shapes, colors and patterns, to deliver a message through smooth movement. Motion Graphics videos are great for startups or SMBs from financial or technology industries that need to explain complex or abstract information while also engage their audience (the technique combines an elegant but also appealing style that uses syntax and metaphors combined with a striking pallet of colors, to make it even more attractive). 


This animation technique brings countless possibilities. It´s commonly used for commercial purposes as it has amazing quality. However, it might not be the best option if you have a limited budget, as this type of video can be quite expensive (it demands several months of tough work…a change of graphics could take days and an adjustment on the animation could even take weeks). So, if you want to add some 3D animation to make your video more attractive, you can appeal to character animation or motion graphics, without the need to invest too much money.  



You can also mix two styles and get some amazing results! See below…


With this technique, you can express concepts that would be difficult or even impossible to transmit using Live Action only. Check out this cool example we´ve developed for Stocks in Value:


This technique is perfect to use to add a more human / personal touch to your video: motion graphics tend to be very synthetic and, by adding some funny characters, you can make it highly appealing and attractive. Watch this example:


Most whiteboard videos are made digitally and therefore you´ll need a Motion Graphics specialist (to make a great quality production, of course). Check out this whiteboard video in which we´ve applied Motion Graphics:


Tip: too much information? If you need help to understand what the best explainer video style for your business is, watch this useful and fun educational video. 

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